Monday, April 14, 2008

Top 10: Reasons I L♥ve Tucson

This is a pictorial essay of random photos I've taken with my phone of the many many interesting sights to behold around [mostly] campus and the greater Tucson area...

10. Random kid wearing a toga at noon, eating a box of cheese-its and watching everyone else going to class...
9. We have awesome dance parties! (this one was Red&Blue i.e. UofA-themed)
8. We get snow!

7. We recycle

6. Heart-shaped tree at the park :)

5. Resemblance?

4. We get a yearly visit from Brother Jed

3. It's a flowerbed... get it? ;)

2. People collect garbage on the dashboard of their vans

1. People ride bikes like this:

Yes... that's fur.


The Hunts said...

HiLARious! First off, I must say that you camera phone pictures have surprising quality! Second, who is the illegitimate child posing with you in pic #3 ? The wiki hyperlink for brother Jed was especially helpful. I laughed at every single picture. My favorite was the flower bed.

Paige said...

That was Alexis--the girl I mentored last semester; it was her first trip to snow up at Mt. Lemmon

Carca said...

maybe if you would covered you bike in would not have been the photos!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

okay, i'm a little bit worried for you being out in such a big, scary, WEIRD world! =) haha-loved the pics! what's this about your bike being stolen? thus, the importance of blogs for the ill-informed.

The Gavin Parents said...

I think I vote #1 flowerbed #2 furred bike. Tucson Bizarro. Yup, I followed to link for brother Jed; added depth of information.

Colton said...

I love that you sneak pictures of freaky people, too.