Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I am a wimp

Over the past 4 years or so I have developed a HUGE phobia of blood being drawn from my arm... I'm okay seeing nonhuman blood, I'm okay getting shots, I just cannot handle the thought of a needle drawing blood out the vein in my arm or blood leaking rapidly from any person's body--blech!!

As I've said before, this makes it next to impossible for me to go donate blood/plasma--which is fine, I can just avoid those places--but what happens if the blood and stuff comes to me?!?

Last month I was at the adult session of stake conference. Our stake president was explaining to us how the world's ideas on medicine often change and become outdated, but things like the Word of Wisdom have stood the test of time, etc. To illustrate he gave examples of formerly accepted medical practices that, by today's standards, are considered barbaric and often torturous. He began to go into more detail in explaining the practice of bloodletting--where they drain "bad" blood from a victim's body--and that's about all I remember from his talk... I started to notice that my head was feeling faint, the speaker was sounding far away, and my vision started to close! I started breathing heavily to keep myself conscious and grabbed my roommate's arm and told her "I think I'm going to pass out..." so she said "Well, stop paying attention!!" Luckily I recovered and saved myself the embarrassment of passing out into the aisle of the chapel... who knew I would have such a hard time in stake conference??

The reason I brought this up is yesterday I took Weston to a doctors appointment and waited in the lobby for him to finish. They had to inject something into the vein of his arm and then covered the site with gauze and tape. HOWEVER, when he came out into the lobby I saw the bandage on his arm, visualized the discomfort of having a needle in my own arm, and blacked out immediately! What the heck?!? How can I make this stop?!


Nathan and Aubrey said...

That is so weird! How do you keep from passing out "every 28 days"?

TexasTwinsTwice said...

WOW!! That is CRAZY!! I didn't realize it was THAT bad! Did you fall and hit anything when you passed out? Oh, and leave it to Aubrey to think of THAT question--haha! OH, by the way, Jim had a patient in Prescott that is getting ready to leave on his mission. He says he knew you down at U of A and asked you out, but you wouldn't go on a date with him cuz he was pre-mission. Jim said he was a good looking kid & everything. haha--you're HARDCORE! =)

Brenna said...

That is so crazy...but so entertaining! Ha ha I still want to see it for myself! I will be over tonight to discuss the bleeding out method in depth. lol jk

Nathan and Aubrey said...

HEY! Where did it go?!?! You know what I'm talking about....that picture of you *ahem* on a quad with *ahem* *ahem* *ahem*

The Gavin Parents said...

It maya be genetic: I passed out when I got my ears pierced, when I saw my skeleton on an x-ray and almost each pregnancy!

Colton said...

Let's just pretend that I'm not laughing hysterically right now.

Oh, wow, I started laughing hysterically again when I saw that your mom passed out when she saw her skeleton in an x-ray. That is adorable.

I'm terrible sorry about the graphic recount of my experience yesterday. I hope you weren't concussed or anything. Although, to be fair, I did warn readers.