Sunday, July 6, 2008

Welcome to the Hunt Hotel, how may we serve you?

Transport yourself to the luscious greenery of a small suburb near SLC (can I say the location? lol) and get away from it all. At the Hunt Hotel they aim to please 24 hours a day... whether it's letting you sleep as long as you want from the 1-hour "jet lag" to taking you on exotic walks near the local theme park... or maybe you just want to be fed delicious treats & hand-prepared meals all the time? At the Hunt Hotel they cater to your every need... just ask!

Hit the next best thing to the local beach? You bet!

Take a walk on the wild side? Sure!

Crash a wedding? Sounds tasty... :)

Thanks Aubrey, Nathan, & Deac for being so accommodating.

I give the Hunt Hotel ***** out of 5 stars and will recommend it to ALL of my friends!

Go Visit!!!


Nathan and Aubrey said...

Sweet! Or should I say 'suite' since you had your own room? Ü I think you'd have a great future as someone who travels and writes reviews for different hotels.

"Y'all come back now, ya hear?"

TexasTwinsTwice said...

haha--too cute!!! I got a chance to stop by the Hunt Hotel recently. Unfortunately I couldn't stay, but let's just say, the hospitality is TOP NOTCH! They do offer quite the fun activites for us out of towners! =) love ya Aubs & love ya Paigey!

Brenna said...

I heard there was an infestation of fruit there at the Hunt Hotel? it really safe with all the banana tag going on? Glad you had fun! I wish I COULD HAVE BEEN INVITED!!! But thats cool just friends I get it.... ;( HAha! Jk I know Aubs invited me I am talking about a younger sista letting me know so I can make the needed prep.

Mckenzi said...

Paige girl! Your blog is so cute im so glad you and Kolb are hitting it off! Couldnt be happier:) I love you girl see you this weekend!

Carca said...

Where have you been??? Time for an update to the blog!

The Gavin Parents said...

Brenna & I are planning to book reservations on October 20th....
I can't wait.