Monday, September 29, 2008

Dear President Kartchner

I really enjoyed your fireside about standards last night. It's great that you have so many good stories & examples to illustrate your points due to your career as a doctor however would it be possible for you to not use stories/examples that involve needles & sewing up gang members? It makes it easier to pay attention to your message when I don't have to worry about regulating my breathing so I don't lose consciousness. I knew you'd understand. Thanks mucho!


TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh poor Paigey and her aversion to needles/blood (oops was that bad to type? does it make you woosey to read it? =) I love the label--if you ever need to find this post, just search for yikes: needles --haha! love ya!

Colton said...

I think I'm getting a grasp on it now...although I still don't understand how you managed to hide your blog on the interweb so well.

Mckenzi said...

Haha Paige I just love you! Not going to lie it was a challenge for me to hear those things too, and as my eyes went dark and my face turned blue I realized... O my gosh I am going to be a nurse!! hahaha I tried to buck up but it took some serious focus ha! Ahhh but definitely it was an awesome fireside. The best treat of the night though was after when you came over:) If anyone doesnt understand how amazing Paige Gavin is... come ask me because I am more than aware. I love you paige!