Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ward Camping Trip

Before I start can I just say: I am doing dang good at this blog thing for the month of September! This in no way reflects how busy I actually am, it's just that I finally have something more interesting than homework to share with y'all :)

Anywho... Let me start by saying I absolutely LOVE University 3rd Ward! I submit it is the best ward in all the Church, but we're too humble here to assert that here :)

Last Friday we went up to "Mt. Zion" which is the Church cabin on Mt. Lemmon. The first group of us got there around 5pm and went straight to the edge of the mountain to get a group picture in front of the beautiful view:

Me, Maren, Katie, Kacy, Kami, & Aubrey

Then it kinda turned into a little photo shoot...

"Ali: hate the rock!"
Ali, giving her best impression of "hating the rock"

Bishop & Sister Wilson came to see the view, so we tried to scare them

"sneak attack!"

The Next Karate Kid... 2

Katie trying to "save" Maren

Pondering the beauty of the Earth (i.e. thinking up more poses...)

Yoga poses!

"Upward dog" & "Mountain Pose"

Bishop Wilson's response to our Narcissism :)

Later we decided to put the camera down and actually join the fun!

Card games :)
Amber, Ashley (my VT companion), Julie, Laura, Erica, Korey, Jessica

In the lodge: Boys & fire... ugh

Jeremy, Ben, Adam

"Head: move!" (what movie??)
JD (head), Trevor (body)

Campfire time!

Girls hangin' around by the campfire!
Lillian (my awesome visiting teachee), Ali, me, Annie

While I was helping in the kitchen I sat in some water...
...and used it to my advantage ;D

"Helping" some more in the kitchen

Katie, Maren, some crazy person, Ali

After we sent the guys to sleep outside, the girls had basically one big sleepover in the loft :)

Erica, Me, Julie, Ashely, Maren, Aubrey, Kami, Vickey, Kacy, Katie, Vanessa, Alicia

The morning after...

Kenzi, Ali, Ben

This pic eluded the "no-cameras-in-the-morning" rule...
But we look dang cute, so I let it survive :)
Beth, Kenzi, Ali, Me, Julie

The result of the ward camp-out: I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the sisters in this ward!!! The are so much fun & I can already tell this is going to be a great year :)


Nathan and Aubrey said...

Ha,ha, I laughed so hard at all of the different poses and captions. Who is this "other" Aubrey that you are cheating on me with?!?!?

Colton said...

I submit that 3rd ward is close second.

That seriously looked like a lot of fun, though. I love camping.

That picture against the glass is my favorite, although it makes me a little edgy.

TexasTwinsTwice said...

I too loved all the poses, and the expression on your Bishop's face--too funny! Your camping trip looks like tons of fun. Glad you're having a great time. Keep on keepin' us posted--i love it!

Brenna said...

Awwww you guys do look way too cute to be camping!!! Maybe because you were with guys?? hmmmm....lol jk I love the pics of you! your hair is getting longer & more beautiful every day!!! rarrr!!

Carca said...

I am glad you had fun....it looked like an awesome event!

The Gavin Parents said...

Yes, you do look dang cute! You look way cute in the pose: enjoying nature, while thinking of new poses. You are REALLY CUTE!