Thursday, November 27, 2008

I am thankful for...

I tried to turn our markerboard into an exercise on grattitude and, well, my roommates are thankful for:

Way to dig deep on that one, girls :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Veteran's Day = Hooray

It feels like forever since I've had a break from school! I skipped my Monday evening classes & went camping with a bunch of friends to Peppersauce campground.

This is Jessica & I in my apartment getting ready to leave with all of our stuff! People made fun of me for bringing that teddy bear--it's just my pillow!

On the car ride up :)

Corey, Matt, & Mitchell
Of course we had to make a pit stop at McDonald's for dinner because, let's face it, we're not REAL campers... we're just bored students on an adventure.

Me, Jessi, & Corey

Oh and then we had to make another pit stop at Arby's because... the guys were still hungry

Jessi, Me, & Jillie

It was sooooo dang cold the three of us just got into one of the cars and sat with the heater on while the guys set the tents up & built a fire

Derek & Robert

Thanks guys! :)

Derek & Corey were SUPER happy to help!

The next morning a lot of people went back home but about 10 of us continued up the mountain to Peppersauce Cave--which is WAY awesome--and went spelunking!

Here's the entrance to the cave. You have to hike up the side of a wash to get to it. Once you find the cave you must crouch & slide in because the opening is only about 3 1/2 feet high. I don't even know how anyone would've found it in the first place!

Sadly I don't have any pictures of us in the cave... yet, but I found this one on Google of a guy sliding through this "rabbit hole" that we crawled under too. We hiked the cave about a mile in and found the lake in the very back! They still have no idea how deep it is--I can't believe people actually swim in that thing! Yikes!

The whole caving adventure was SO MUCH FUN but the most important detail is that we were covered in mud and dirt by the time we got out... I think it's pretty obvious, but to anyone who has not been a child:
dirt & mud = a good time!

Gavin Family Reunion 2009 anyone? :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

U3 Ward Dinner

The guys in our ward decided that they should step up & start treating the ladies a little better... jk. But seriously. They love the sisters & wanted to do something special to show their appreciation for us, thus...
They decided to plan a *fancy little evening* so they could practice serving us to the max! I felt so spoiled... It was super-sweet & I'm sure all of us sisters really enjoyed being waited upon :)

Valet ParkingMike

Every lady was escorted down the red carpet by a gentleman

Julie, Michael, Shaylin, & Chris

The guys serving the first of three courses--salad
Phillip, Stuart, Nate (& JD as the blur)

Mike doing everything for us :)

Mike, Kami, & I

Our EQP's little sister even skipped her homecoming game to provide music for the evening! What a sweetie :)

It was kinda like one big ward group-date
Tony, Vicki, Mike, Keri, Joseph, Nick, & Meta

Here we are... just enjoying dinner
Kami & I

It was a TON of fun & I'm so thankful to have great guys in our ward who care about us sisters!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween Weekend

Halloween this year was spread across 2 VERY LONG days!

Friday evening my lovely tent-buddy from the 4th year pack-in at girls camp, Sandy, got *MaRrIeD* to my roommate from last year's chemistry lab partner, Tom (random, I know). Tom & Sandy did track at PimaCC where they became friends with my friend, Garrett. Logically, since Garrett would be the only person I'd know at their wedding, we decided to make it a date. The reception was beautiful (sadly we missed the ceremony =(( because someone whose name rhymes with 'sage' thought it started at 6pm when it actually started at 5pm) & I am so happy for Mr. & Mrs. Krieger! :) Afterward Garrett & I hit up the Institute for some dance-tastic fun.

Sadly: I got NO pictures of the wedding OR of our matching costumes! I am lame, I know. We were awesomely-spandexed workout gurus. All pictures I have are pirated from other people's cameras :P

Some of my favorite costumes of the night: Princess Peach & Mario and a flower

I absolutely LOVE these girls!!!--they also happen to be cousins from one degree or another (maybe awesomeness just runs in their family?)

Jessica (tweedle dee--tweedle dum was the DJ), Amanda (50s girl), Laura (a lovely lady), & Maren (a gypsy)!

Oh wait! Garrett's in that pic too! He's dancing right behind Jessica wearing that powder blue mesh half-shirt & rainbow striped sweatband :) ...too bad you can't see his shiny red spandex pants we found at Goodwill

Being a maaaaaniac... maaaaaaaaniac on the dance floor...!

Not really... but it could've been cool if they played that song!!

After the dance, Brooklyn (my roommate) and I went to IHOP with a bunch of people.

The good thing: It was so much fun hanging out with friends I haven't seen in forever (I've basically been a hermit this semester!)

The bad thing: spandex @ IHOP = f-f-fr-freezing c-c-cold!

Thankfully my amigo Brad was willing to share his wool poncho... oh and Brooklyn is a nut!

By the way, Brad wore handcuffs all night & was escorted by his Border Patrol Officer (who is sitting just to the right of him in this pic) ...slightly offensive?

After getting to bed in the wee hours of the morning, I had to wake up not much later to ride up to Phoenix for my friend Catherine's bridal shower. Holy longest day ever--made longer by my lack of sleep--as it took Cat 3 hours to open all of her gifts!!! But I really enjoyed getting to spend time with Natalie & eating all the delicious party food while we were there :)

I rode back to Tucson with Cat & went straight to our adult session of Stake Conference (which was just awesome! my posterity can read all about it in my journal...) Afterward, I threw together my next costume (in record time, I think: 20 min) & headed to the "After-Halloween Dance Party" for more good times. At this point I was so burnt out I think I only stayed at the party maybe 40 min... which was less time than it took to clean & comb out...


Allow me to present, courtesy of the genius of Allison Tucker, Amy Winehouse.

Oh & Ali Hayes!

(That's my Amy Winehouse face, btw)

Sadly, my hair deflated quite a bit by the time we got any pictures... but whatever. It was only the after-halloween party... :)

BROOKLYN (pirate) & I!

well... that's it :)

Happy Halloween Weekend!