Saturday, November 8, 2008

U3 Ward Dinner

The guys in our ward decided that they should step up & start treating the ladies a little better... jk. But seriously. They love the sisters & wanted to do something special to show their appreciation for us, thus...
They decided to plan a *fancy little evening* so they could practice serving us to the max! I felt so spoiled... It was super-sweet & I'm sure all of us sisters really enjoyed being waited upon :)

Valet ParkingMike

Every lady was escorted down the red carpet by a gentleman

Julie, Michael, Shaylin, & Chris

The guys serving the first of three courses--salad
Phillip, Stuart, Nate (& JD as the blur)

Mike doing everything for us :)

Mike, Kami, & I

Our EQP's little sister even skipped her homecoming game to provide music for the evening! What a sweetie :)

It was kinda like one big ward group-date
Tony, Vicki, Mike, Keri, Joseph, Nick, & Meta

Here we are... just enjoying dinner
Kami & I

It was a TON of fun & I'm so thankful to have great guys in our ward who care about us sisters!


Nathan and Aubrey said...

What a cute idea! Good thing they are preparing early!

The Gavin Parents said...

What a nice ward. Good friends to have!