Thursday, December 18, 2008

Just another random night...

...playing "Interpretive dance face" in the backseat of Ali's truck


Me--happy to have just finished my final which took place on a Friday night from 8-10pm (who does that??)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Don't Tell Dad

but I went for a ride on my friend Jeremy's motorcycle

...and I liked it!

Enrichment Hike

A few of the RS sisters got together last Saturday and went on a hike through Pima Canyon... it was a lot of fun :)

At the trail head, overlooking Tucson
Kami, Ali, Jessica, Mary, & me

Silliness :)

Mary... on a rock

Ali... under a rock

Snack break!
Kami & Ali, lol

MistleToga 2008

Otherwise known as the best Christmas party ever!

We tried so hard to get a roommate shot under the mistletoe arch with my self-timer... this was about the best we could come up with:
Me, Brooklyn, & Kayla--who loves to destroy pictures :)

The invite CLEARLY stated:
"no toga = no party, no exceptions"
I am not immune to being impressed by clever ideas... thus:

Amanda & Maren were allowed to stay with their "MistleYOGA" wear :P

Other pics from the night:

Ali & Joseph (who now stalks my blog--hi Joseph!)

The Girls!
Natalie, lucky me, Katie, & Catherine
We almost never get to hang out anymore :*(

The Mortensons :)

Corey & Jillie

Good try David! haha

This pic was for Katie's fiancee Ferec, who is on active duty in Iraq til January 25th

About 70 people showed up throughout the night... my poor little apartment was jam-packed with people taking a break from their studying!

After things calmed down a little we put on a Christmas movie & just chilled

It was a blast! :)


Sometimes you go crazy when you're away from home for long periods of time & are allowed to make your own decisions.

Last week for FHE we had our lesson at the Institute & then the activity (decorating sugar cookies) was held at a nearby apartment.

Melissa & Katie (driving) on our way to the FHE activity

On the way we wanted to have some fun...

Noah, in the back of Katie's truck... playing a piano recently acquired off Craig's List
I admit, we took the long way home... it was too funny to see people's reactions as we drove through campus :)

Then we decorated cookies...

Shana (my VT) who will be serving a mission in Macon, Georgia--lucky girl!

Meta, Kenzi (NICE FACE!!!), and Vickey
And you see those cookies? Yep, we ate them. ALL of them... this is why I am not supposed to be making my own decisions yet.

...I can't believe I'm turning 21 next month and I still can't manage to stop myself from eating massive amounts of cookies! Is this really what it's like being a grownup? Count me in!

just kidding :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

all is right with the world

This morning I was on my way to work when some guy walking his puppy crossed my path. The puppy stopped & stared at me eagerly like it wanted me to pet it so I asked the owner if I could and he said sure. I approached it with an outstretched hand and you know what? That aggressive little monster bit me! and tore a hole in my sleeve. Oh and I must clarify, it's not like this was a dinky toy poodle or something, it was a pit bull/boxer mix (I asked). Sheesh. Well I was finishing my walk to work--a little sad about my shirt sleeve--when I glanced over at some litter on the side of the road (because it's Tucson & there's litter everywhere) and lo! I found a twenty dollar bill crumpled among the weeds!!! ...I think I get that whole "principle of compensation" thing now :)

[and the "learn to laugh" one too because, I'll be honest, that puppy was pretty cute even if he was a bit destructive]

Monday, December 8, 2008

9:05 AM

Yesterday I rolled out of bed at 9:05 exactly. I remember the time vividly--like some horrible nightmare--because, surely it wasn't really 9:05... 9:05 means that church started five minutes ago and that someone else is cursing my name & filling in for me on the organ last-minute. It means that the music chairperson is wondering how someone could be so flaky as to miss Sacrament meeting without notifying anyone. It also means the sunday school president is sweating because he wonders who is going to be here to teach next hour... YIKES!
(don't worry, I made it in time for sunday school at least)

It was one of those nice, humbling experiences.

Has this sort of thing ever happened to anyone else?!?

[that's an invitation for you to share a story--if you so choose--to make me feel better] :)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The kind of thing I see in Tucson on any given day...

A caravan of Segway-ists!

Fin del Dia de Gracias

Oh and if you want to know what else I was up to over Thanksgiving weekend...
click the smiley!

Semi-Winter Formal Dance

Get it? Semi-winter because it's Arizona and we never get a real winter... haha I thought it was clever. The institute council put on this amazing dance--catered dinner, BEAUTIFUL decorations, & the opportunity to get a little spruced up (a switch from my everyday sweats & t-shirt attire I wear to class haha--and how could I refuse a chance to wear my favorite dress?).

I was excited to hear about it, however there was one little tiny snafu in my plan for a fun-filled evening: it was a date dance...

I HATE date dances. They're always so awkward! As soon as I found that out, I decided on being "out of town" that weekend--regardless of whether I actually would be or not. I really dislike activities where a date is mandatory. Seriously.

~~Luckily~~ I happened to be asked by Greg Crowther who is one of the coolest guys in Tucson--he's awesome and it completely changed my attitude about going to this dance... and WOW does he know how to dance! I will mention that I also hate dancing (like, couple's style) because I'm not very good at it... but Greg is so good I literally closed my eyes and he pretty much just twirled my & threw me around the dance floor haha. It was such a blast!

Greg & Me

Me & Kayla

Group shot!
Kayla, Ryan, Me, Greg, Kami, Joseph

"Serious Faces" serious as we can get anyway

Front: Greg, Me, Odassis Back: Kayla, Joseph, Kami, Ryan

Amazing decorations!
For the 2 weeks leading up to the dance there was a table set up in the institute where you could make foil stars for the dance & dedicate them to your friends. Then they hung them all up across the dance floor using fishing line--genius!

The theme was "Skating with the Stars" and they used lights & fake snow to turn the dance floor into a skating rink (...there was also a "Caution: Thin Ice!" sign too) :P

Group shot of the folks at our dinner table
Front: Warren, Greg, Derrick Back: Lindsey, Me, Whitney

This picture is a good sample of just HOW MUCH FUN the dance was:
Joseph & Kami

Carlin & Laurel :)

Ben & Tiara... check out that maroon suit!

Photographers for the evening :)
Nikki & Jeff

Jessica & Tim

This is probably the most fun I've ever had at a dance! Being a YSA? not so bad :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

UA Graffiti

This happened yesterday... It was on the big fancy lab science building where I have my Biopsychology lecture. Maintenance was able to cover it with paint just fine, but I wonder when the hoodlums were able to do it in the first place because this building is in one of the most heavily trafficked areas of campus.

I can't say I'm not impressed.

The whole thing was about 25 feet long! I mean, those are life-sized astronauts... that couldn't be easy.

Thanksgiving I

My friend, Trevor, was driving to Phoenix and offered me a ride... With us came my roommate Kayla & my neighbor Tiara... and ALL of our stuff (i.e. laundry).
4 people
4 people's laundry
4 people's other stuff for a
+ 4-day weekend
Whoa! That is a full car!

It was an adventure... :)

I got back & immediately reconnected with my long-lost brother who seems to ALWAYS be playing video games when I call home... ahem...

Anyway, I came bearing a "gift" for him: my halloween costume :)

He really REALLY wanted it for wrestling

Mom wasn't so thrilled about her son's spandex parade...

But he felt right at home in it...

Thanksgiving II

I came home Wednesday night with the expectation of spending a quiet weekend at home.
So I was very surprised when Dad woke me up Thursday morning cheerfully:
"Alright! Pack your overnight bag... we're headed to St. John's. Oh and Aunt Marti says it might snow"

WHAT!? I did not pack for snow! Luckily, I had not yet brought ALL of my winter clothes back to Tucson so I had some warm things stored in my closet.

So we packed our bags and headed northeastward to the White Mountains. :)

Why Weston was wearing a parka in the car I do not know...

After dinner we lazed about Aunt Marti's living room

Erica & I played "store"
Then we had a "funny face" making sesson with the camera...
I'm not very good at it...

But Erica sure is!

Dad was using Ron's lower-back decompressing machine thing :)

Mom & Aunt Marti cleaning up--they wouldn't let me help, I swear!
Erica & I played 3-2-1 blastoff!
She wanted to take a picture of me from up high--which, truthfully, is pretty scary because all I could think about is how much damage a camera could do to one's front teeth if dropped from 3 feet and allowed to accelerate at the speed of gravity...

Overall, Thanksgiving was peaceful, fun, & relaxing! :) I think I'll do it again next year...