Friday, December 12, 2008

all is right with the world

This morning I was on my way to work when some guy walking his puppy crossed my path. The puppy stopped & stared at me eagerly like it wanted me to pet it so I asked the owner if I could and he said sure. I approached it with an outstretched hand and you know what? That aggressive little monster bit me! and tore a hole in my sleeve. Oh and I must clarify, it's not like this was a dinky toy poodle or something, it was a pit bull/boxer mix (I asked). Sheesh. Well I was finishing my walk to work--a little sad about my shirt sleeve--when I glanced over at some litter on the side of the road (because it's Tucson & there's litter everywhere) and lo! I found a twenty dollar bill crumpled among the weeds!!! ...I think I get that whole "principle of compensation" thing now :)

[and the "learn to laugh" one too because, I'll be honest, that puppy was pretty cute even if he was a bit destructive]


Nathan and Aubrey said...

Sweet! I like that you wrote it in green (because green=$). Don't forget to pay tithing on it Ü

Colton said...

Oh, puppies. I love them. Like, all of them. It's really too bad that they all end up turning into dogs.

Nice find on the twenty, though. I'm glad that somebody wasn't hobo fishing, or you would have been batted over the head. Did you see the video Brian and I made?

TexasTwinsTwice said...

WHOA!! That's why I'm not an animal person. What did the owner do? Did he act like it was the first time that happened, or was he some sicko that was well aware of his dog's tendencies?

WAy cool to find the $$$ though!