Wednesday, December 17, 2008

MistleToga 2008

Otherwise known as the best Christmas party ever!

We tried so hard to get a roommate shot under the mistletoe arch with my self-timer... this was about the best we could come up with:
Me, Brooklyn, & Kayla--who loves to destroy pictures :)

The invite CLEARLY stated:
"no toga = no party, no exceptions"
I am not immune to being impressed by clever ideas... thus:

Amanda & Maren were allowed to stay with their "MistleYOGA" wear :P

Other pics from the night:

Ali & Joseph (who now stalks my blog--hi Joseph!)

The Girls!
Natalie, lucky me, Katie, & Catherine
We almost never get to hang out anymore :*(

The Mortensons :)

Corey & Jillie

Good try David! haha

This pic was for Katie's fiancee Ferec, who is on active duty in Iraq til January 25th

About 70 people showed up throughout the night... my poor little apartment was jam-packed with people taking a break from their studying!

After things calmed down a little we put on a Christmas movie & just chilled

It was a blast! :)


Nathan and Aubrey said...

MistleYOGA-----I get it!

Steven and Chelsea said...

some day i will drive down to uofa for your mistletoga party. maybe next year...that will probably be the last one at u of a eh?

Allison said...

loves it!!!!! :-)
i wish i could've been there!

Joe said...
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TexasTwinsTwice said...

FUN PAr-TAY! 70 people?!--whoa, that's a lot of togas! =)

Jerrick and Amy said...

man... I miss our mistletoga party from last year! So weird I barely know anyone in those pics! I really do miss Tucson... MERRY CHRISTMAS paigey poo :)