Monday, April 14, 2008

Top 10: Reasons I L♥ve Tucson

This is a pictorial essay of random photos I've taken with my phone of the many many interesting sights to behold around [mostly] campus and the greater Tucson area...

10. Random kid wearing a toga at noon, eating a box of cheese-its and watching everyone else going to class...
9. We have awesome dance parties! (this one was Red&Blue i.e. UofA-themed)
8. We get snow!

7. We recycle

6. Heart-shaped tree at the park :)

5. Resemblance?

4. We get a yearly visit from Brother Jed

3. It's a flowerbed... get it? ;)

2. People collect garbage on the dashboard of their vans

1. People ride bikes like this:

Yes... that's fur.

Monday, April 7, 2008

PSA part 2

When playing racquetball,
Try your hardest not to stand between the ball and the wall, or this could be your** face:

**Unless, of course, you dig that whole pouty Angelina Jolie look... in which case try to make sure your partner hits you square in the kisser so you too can have plump, and more importantly symmetrical, kissable lips ;D

If you're not convinced by now that all I do in Tucson dream up fantastic new ways to hurt myself, read on...

Somehow within the past month or so, I have no idea how but, I broke the 2nd toe on my right foot. It may have been from doing the Ragnar Relay, but I didn't really feel anything at the time of the race... Well I had just kind of ignored it all month, but suddenly I awoke one morning to my toe in excruciating pain! And it looked like this:

Note the boa-constrictor-that-swallowed-a-dog look of my joint protruding out the side of the 2nd toe on my right foot compared to the toe on my left. It was swollen and hurt too much to wear flip flops (however, given my last PSA I think it best I stay away from flip flops for awhile anyway) and I had NO clue what cause the sudden inflammation. I did the best I could to "re-set" it myself and taped it to my other toe to straighten it out.

So re-cap:
1. Be alert while playing racquetball
2. Breaking your toe is completely unavoidable

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Institute Date Dance

By popular demand... here is a pic of me and my date, Adam, at the "You Got Served" Girl-Ask-Guy Sadie Hawkins Institute Date Dance which I had to [help] plan. (can you tell there wasn't much unity with the activities committee on the title/theme of the dance??) Couples had to dress in matching attire... so we went as preppy/east coast snobs (not to be confused with East Coast Subs--a very popular restaurant in my neighborhood) While date dances tend to be awkward, that was not the expression we were trying to convey in this picture... this is our best "snob face"... sorry if there is any confusion.

This is a pic of us strutting the "red carpet" for the dance off... I laugh every time I look at this picture. And you can't much tell by the looks of it, but most everyone who came was dressed up too...

We had a best-dressed couple contest--Mario & Luigi won

Here is the EQ pres of one of the wards & his date

And if you look at that poor "red carpet" (which was nothing more than butcher paper taped to the dance floor) imagine that it didn't last nearly the entire night... by the end it was literally shredded into a zillion pieces across the dance floor. It was kind of a neat effect.

"Missionaries" (It's a cool costume even if you actually are LDS)

"Pirates" ...kind of

And lastly... Adam's face in this one cracks me up every time...

There ya go!