Saturday, February 7, 2009

Did you know...

...that you can make plasma in your microwave?? Yeah well, thanks to Joseph, I do now... And you can too!
Here's what you need:

a microwave

Any kind will do really... preferably a cheap one that comes with the apartment--not an expensive one you bought yourself... just in case things go horribly wrong, you won't be stuck with a radioactive microwave after you move out of the apartment.


Really, I only included this picture because I figured out a new setting on my camera where I can manually focus on stuff--it's cool! Anyways... you need a match like this one:

stuck in some play-dough (of any color) to help keep it upright.

a mason jar

(This picture was taken after multiple repeated trials of this experiment... as you can see the label on the jar is getting pretty warped at this point)


Yes... that is how it sounds in real life!!!

Somehow, by putting a lit match in the microwave, it super-heats the flame and creates a fiery ball of plasma which rises above the burning match. The mason jar is necessary, I assume, to keep the plasma contained & to prevent it from melting the roof off your microwave. I'm a little too scared to try this without the jar. Would it even work? I also haven't had the guts to leave it glowing longer than 5 seconds or so--it's about at that time when the buzzing starts to get MUCH louder and it makes you wonder just what is going on indside there...?? Why don't you try it and let me know how it goes? You can do a blog post about it :)

My poor frightened roommate, Tacia, was trying to make chocolate milk in the kitchen at the time & ran to the living room clutching her grocieries to protect them from the demon microwave


Cha said...

You *know* I have to try this now, right?!

Nathan and Aubrey said...

Is that how they make plasma TVs? Can you now brag that you have a plasma microwave HD® Ü

TexasTwinsTwice said...

WHOA!!! You ARE your brother's sister. Don't let Weston see this.

When you said 'plasma', the first thing I thought of was poor college students selling plasma.

I thought you had figured out an easy way to create the stuff and increase your income without subjecting yourself to a needle. =)

Amber Lynn said...

OH MY HECK!!!! I know your roommate!!!! She went to EA with me!!! haha!