Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Gma Gavin's 90th Birthday Party

I don't really feel like puting captions on all the pics. You were there. You know what was going on. And if you weren't, you probably don't know half these people anyway so it doesn't matter :P

Basically, Grandma turned 90 and we had an impromptu dance party in her driveway that warranted a drive-by from the cops to see what all the commotion was about :)

(one of 3 photos with Brenna making a different creeper face in the background of each one)

Happy Birthday Grandma!


Colton said...

A truer paragraph was never written.

You make me laugh pretty much every time.

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Who knew Grandma's 90th b-day party would be the highlight of my year? Obviously I don't get out much.

Actually--it was TONS of fun!! I think we'll get GREAT turnouts at all the family functions after that!

I look like I'm REALLY feelin' it in that one photo--haha!

Allison said...

your grandma's a total babe! happy 90th!!! :-)

Nathan and Aubrey said...

Hey! I WASN'T there. And I DON'T know what's going on. And I AM related to everyone there. Ü

She better live to be 91 so I can be there for the next one! ÜÜÜ Yeah, that was a threat to grandma. hahaha