Monday, March 9, 2009

Good News/Bad News

The Good News:
On a whim I ran a 5K saturday with some of my friends. It was put on by the UA's multicultural club or something. We basically signed up because registration was free and you got a t-shirt. Once we arrived we discovered they also had tons of water bottles & granola bars & fruit. Free shirt and free food? I believe you just made any poor college student's day right there. Well then I ended up placing 3rd so I also got a $20 giftcard to Nike! hooray (I love Nike)

The Bad News:
The giftcard came in this cute little mini-shoebox... it was so cool! Well, as I was walking across campus with Mallory, Joseph, and Jessica I decided to try and see how many free granola bars I could hide in this fascinating little box [only 3 in case you were wondering--but that has no relevance to "the bad news"]. The bad news is: I was too busy fiddling with my exciting box to notice where I was going and... BAM. Yep. I walked right into a pole. Hard. Seriously. Everyone I was walking with kept going and didn't realize what I had done until they turned back a second later to see me staring at the pole with a dazed look on my face & tears welling up in my eyes. Suffice it to say that one will NOT be on re-play in Heaven.

You'd think I would have learned to watch where I am going after this incident, but I'm a little slow sometimes... and now I'll probably even be a little slower.

To make matters worse it gave me a gigantic goose egg RIGHT in the middle of my forehead. Oh did I mention that later in the day I would be teaching at a 7-stake Priest/Laurel conference? It took some very strategic parting of my hair to hide that one...

Anyways... more good news!
At the youth conference they fed us (Jessica & I) lunch AND snacks AND dinner. If you didn't do the math: that's 3 free meals in one day. And, if nothing else, that is definitely something worth blogging about.

**Side note to my concerned sisters: Just so you know, I'm not starving down here... just being frugal :)


Nathan and Aubrey said...

You are inspiring to buy some stock in Ramen.

Does Nike have anything edible you can buy with your giftcard? Ü Ü

Joe said...

5k Race--$0
1 Free T-shirt--$0
3 Granola bars in a nike box--$0
The look on Paige's face as she ran into a a pole--priceless

Allison said...

L - O - Flippin' L to that above comment. Hahaha!

Colton said...

Haha...hey, if you ever hear of any more races like this that are free in which you are going to participate, LET ME KNOW! I wanna I really want some granola bars and tee shirts. I'll skip the concussion.


TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh Paige, I LOVE that you have a blog--LOVE it! I always look forward to your posts. Sorry about the owie (that's what they're called in these parts), and what timing right before teaching that class--too funny! Great job on taking 3rd in the race--that's awesome!

Oh, and I'm with Colton above. If you ever hear about any more races like this, please let me know. Just so you know....I can know. Not that I'll do anything about it. ;-)

TexasTwinsTwice said...

p.s. way to stay strong on the frugality. Are you able to keep the monthly food tab around $30? Use oatmeal as a staple my friend.

oh, and I must be your sister with the super long/double comments eh?! =)

Steven and Chelsea said...

i wish i could just run a 5k on a whim!! and i understand the beauty of free meals ;)

Amber Lynn said...

OH MY! I am in the LIBRARY Paige! You can't make me laugh that HARD! Holy Crud. I'm Glad you are ok. :D Hahaha!