Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ragnar Relay 2009

It was a blast! We ran from Prescott to Mesa and oh man was it fun. I'll try not to bore you with too many details but here are the highlights:
-->I was runner 1, which means I had to start the race... I hate starting races--too much pressure! I wish I could just be dropped into the middle of a race--or be unconscious for the start and regain consciousness a minute into it. But despite the nerves of the start, my first leg (3.6 miles) went well and I finished it 4 minutes faster than my goal.
[at the starting line--Yes the guy to my left ran with a viking helmet, sword, & shield]
-->The race went right by the WalMart in Prescott so I stopped to grab some last minute provisions and realized that this might be the one Jim works at... and it was! It was cool to talk with him for a bit--he was very very concerned that I was not in school on a Friday. I had to reassure him that I did not drop out. He still seemed uneasy about me playing hooky just to run a race :)
-->After my van finished our section of the race & the other van was running, we went to Rocky's house in Peeples Valley (which was conveniently located RIGHT near our exchange point) and chilled. We napped on his porch because the weather was just bEaUtiFuL up there :)
[view from Rocky's house--amazing!]
-->My second leg was awful. Yet so much fun at the same time. Many (if not all) of the problems I encountered probably could have been avoided if I had not been given the backup backup-headlamp (the one to use if the other three we had magically broke) which worked a few degrees worse than, say, using your cell phone for a flashlight. Where were the other three headlamps? On the runner before me, of course. All three. Anyway it was pitch black when I ran the leg from Congress to Hwy 93 on a trail that zigzagged in every which direction and took me through bushes, cacti, sand (have you ever run in sand?? horrible!), washes, and all sorts of other little "wonders of the desert" you forget about until you scrape your leg on them. Oh and said trail was well over .5 miles longer than stated in the race chart which means it was 6.9ish miles long. But that's okay. I'm not bitter. Well except for one thing--and it gets its own bullet point:
-->I ate it. HARD CORE on a railroad tie. Seriously my headlamp was so dim I could hardly see anything. Out of nowhere this railroad tie appeared and I was running too fast to catch myself when I stubbed my toe on it. Before I knew what was happening I was sailing through the air. My flight ended when I hit the ground--then the earth began rotating around my body (at least that's what I saw with my dinky little headlamp). I rolled a good 3 or 4 times. Luckily the slightest hint of civilization was miles away so my hip got bruised more than my ego--and even that wasn't too bad. Can't wait to see that one on replay when I go to Heaven... neither could my teammates once they found out the reason why I started my leg clean and finished covered in dirt.
[Richard: the thiever of the 3 good headlamps--1 for his head, 1 around his neck, and 1 attached to the back of his vest. In his defense we were supposed to provide a reflective vest for him but did he receive that?... vest yes, reflective no--which we didn't realize til we got out on the course. So he needed the extra headlamps (as well as the glow bracelets/mickey mouse ears) to make himself more visible to traffic]
--> After our van finished our 2nd section of the race Carla let us sleep at her house [Thanks Carla!] and she even made us delicious whole wheat pancakes in the morning. It was great to have a shower and a soft place to stretch out & sleep.
--> We were late getting to my last leg so Richard had to wait around 3 minutes or so for us to get there haha Van 2 ran too fast, what can I say?! :)
--> My last leg was SO HARD. It was 8.7 miles--all uphill--and the heat of the morning was starting to set in. Luckily I started running with this lady, Emily, who had the same pace as me and we helped encourage each other to keep up. We got to talking and not only is she LDS, but her mom is the secretary at the Institute in Tucson! We were so excited to make that connection I think it made us run even better. Okay maybe not. We were both dying by the end but it was great to make a friend along the way :)
[Emily & her mom Sister Rassmussen] :)
--> Mom came to see me at the finish! And then took me home so I could shower/freshen up and THEN took me back to the east side of Scottsdale to meet up with my team. Thanks mom!
[Me & Mom after my last leg]
--> We finished the 204 miles in just over 30 hours and enjoyed the free massages at the finish line! It was so much fun to have a reason to start running again and also to meet new people on my team. I am already excited for next year!!
[Annie, Lindsey, Jessica, Chris, Me, Carolyn, Greg, Kacy, Richard, Erica, & Noah]
(missing Kurt who had to leave after his last leg of the race)

...Anyone interested in forming the Gavin Gang Racing Team?


Colton said...

Wow, that sounds quite entertaining. Especially the part where you ate crap. I'm definitely going to watch that on ThouTube with you someday.

Nathan and Aubrey said...

Wow. I love all these little tidbits! I have to tell you though, I'm not sure it's worth all that *just* to get a free massage.

I'm on board for a Gavin Gang team, but considering 50% of the Sixters are knocked up....we may have to wait until mid-2010 Ü

Joe said...

lol! (level 4) Your ragnar experience sounded awesome :)And you guys are so lucky that you got to sleep at a house AND you got pancakes. I slept on the floor of a van...and ate stale bagels for 30 hours. yum.

Kristen said...

Wait, run this by me again... You ran from Prescott to Mesa? How did this go down?

Yes, I read. I just don't understand. (What can I say? I'm slow)

Paige said...

It was a relay with a team of 12 runners. Each of us ran at 3 different times throughout the race. When the other 11 people weren't running they were riding in a van & cheering on the one person who was :)

Brenna said...

Thou-Tube *LOL* THat is freak'n funny! I love it! hahaha! You are awesome Paigey I am sooo proud of you way to go! I would love to join Gavin Racing in about 7 months or so :)