Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ode to Rest & Roommates

I do not get much sleep it's true
It used to not matter, however
Since moving in with these odd two
I'm sleepier now more than ever


At day's end to my home return
Longing for pillow and bed
Glares of hate*--my roommates I spurn
When ambushed by both instead


*I don't actually hate my roommates :)

Pictures taken shortly after I was in bed trying to fall asleep


Colton said...

Ah, the crazies. That's what they have. "The Crazies". Its clinically described, I get them on occasion when I'm enjoying one of my room-mates.

Nathan and Aubrey said...

Just wait 'til the day when you try to sleep,
While having to share your bed,
With a man who likes to take the sheets,
And fart while covering your head!

(Nathan says it's called a dutch oven or a covered wagon)

All I'm saying is, be careful who you choose for your eternal roommate Ü Ü Ü

TexasTwinsTwice said...

hahahaha to both your post & Aubrey's comment---hahahaha!

Joe said...

Not gonna lie, when you sent me that picture of Tacia on my phone I screamed like a little girl :)

The Gavin Parents said...

I think that picture could definitely qualify for one of the scary movies...maybe Damien's sister (The Omen). What a fright to wake to!

Brenna said...

you crack me up & your goofy roomies!