Thursday, April 16, 2009

Random happenings

Here are some random pics from the past couple weeks...

I went to Allison's spring formal for her sorority. She planned the whole thing & did all the decorations and it looked soooo great... She had a "candy bar" with candy in flower pots that you scooped out with little plastic shovels--genius! I have never known anyone more creative & gifted than Allison. So yeah, have to give a shout out to her for planning yet another awesome event!


Last weekend was the "Mr. Institute" pageant. We were all voting for Brady (see guy with his finger in his eye in the pic below). He was the runner-up. If only Colton Finch would've skipped his stupid field trip--he could have gotten his picture screened onto a t-shirt too!Me, Brady, Laurel, Maggie, Brandon

Our ward took a trip to the Easter pageant last saturday. We went up early to save seats... and it was rainy & cold & miserable for the 5 hours right up until about the start of the pageant--then it all miraculously cleared up. Pretty cool :)

Kami & Kacy enjoying pizza while we waited for the pageant to start

Also cool is that I ran into an old friend from Kingman...

Yes, miss Aubrey Key. I haven't seen her since Brett's wedding so it was great to catch up. I love that girl! She's living in Gilbert now. PS: check out that sunset behind us!

Alright that's all I got--my blog is now caught up with my life... sorta :)


TexasTwinsTwice said...

oh, i just love knowing what you're up to. Thanks for updating your blog (yes, I like to think it is all just for me =). That 'Candy Bar' that Allison put on is WAY cool! I may copy that idea sometime.

How neat you got to see Aubrey Key. It's crazy to see her all grown up!

Colton said...

Why is Brandon wearing a "Vote for Brady" shirt? Wasn't he also in the contest?

If it's of any consolation, my trip that weekend was great, and even if I was in town I would have figured out some way to not participate.

Allison said...

That was so nice of you to give a "shout out". lol
I'm so happy you were able to make it out, and reap the benefits of the candy bar!!!

Nathan and Aubrey said...

For a second there, I thought your shirt said "Blood" (and it looks like it's written in blood), I thought you joined some gang!

Aubrey looks soooo grown up. I would NEVER have recognized her!