Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gavin Family Reunion 2009

Grand Canyon style!
It was soooo much fun. Chanda & Brian planned the whole thing--thanks guys! We camped at Mather campgrounds for 2 1/2 days and rode the shuttle up and down the rim of the canyon. I'll just give a pictorial rundown of the happenings:

Friday night: set up camp

Carla & Aftynn, happy to camp :)

Carla & Brigham

Oh, please note the tent in the background of this (above) picture... it took FOREVER to set up! Which may be the reason why Jim is hiding his face in shame in this next pic:

I would too if I were him ;) jk Monica sure looks cute though!

Colton had ALL of the grandkids gathered around listening to him tell scary stories by the campfire. From what I heard... they were pretty scary

Sat morning: see the canyon, visit the um... visitor's center

The Canyon was indeed, quite Grand:

Me & Colton

Side note: 12 Kids age 10 and under + the Grand Canyon = many nervous mothers

Maci, Madison, & Elise

Brian, Treyton, Chanda [+baby], Elise, & Ethan

Sat afternoon: take cover

We didn't get very far with the touring before a storm rolled in. It was NUTS. The rain came down SO hard. Everyone ran for cover under this bus stop and waited to board the over-crowded shuttle back to camp.
It was also extremely cold. So much for Arizona in May.

Sat night:
Mom & Dad, Weston, Brenna & Cody, and Rocky arrived
(Sorry no pictures... I was tired!)

Sunday: pack up camp, see the Canyon for reals, drive home

We had to wait awhile for the shuttle

Treyton (creeped into this pic adorably), Brenna [+baby], Cody, Mom & Dad

Me, Brenna, & Cody

But the wait was totally worth it :)

Now in case you came to the Grand Canyon to see one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, here he is:
WestyBear: sexier than the Grand Canyon since 1990

And I swear, this picture was TOTALLY his idea:

Quite a lovely trip :) ...The End


TexasTwinsTwice said...

ahahaha! LOVE the comment about Westy bear--total crack-up. It was so fun hanging out with you Paigey. Thanks for all your help with the kids...and OF COURSE setting up the tent. We'd have had to sleep under a picnic table w/out you. love ya! =)

Allison said...

The picture with you and Weston is a DEFINITE favorite!!! When you get tired of your Facebook train profile picture, put that one up!

Looks like you had A LOT more fun at the Canyon then my most recent experience w/ it. ;)

Colton said...

Having an unusual name, it always takes me a little off guard when I come across someone else who shares it, especially with the same spelling.

That looked like a rockin' reunion, though! Here's to the Big Ditch!

Brenna said...

Agreed I love camping with the Fam~!

The Gavin Parents said...

So glad you posted about this... it was fun. Paige, the tent-master; Weston, one of the 7 wonders. Bennetts WONDERFUL Fry bread dinner. Too fun!

The Gavin Parents said...

Your camera took some VERY nice shots of the canyon!