Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lost post

Did you miss me?

Yeah, I'm a terrible summer blogger. When I feel like I don't have a minute to spare I update my blog almost daily. But catch me on my time off and I just can't get myself to expend any extra energy. Blame inertia.

Well, to ease myself back into blogging, I'll start by finishing a draft post from about 3 months ago. It looks like a completely random post, but these were all just events that happened in the same week. It would've prob originally been titled something like "A week in the life..."

The Elder's Quorum in my ward did their 2nd "Dinner for the RS Sisters" this year. They do all the work. We show up and eat. They prepared all SORTS of fixin's for shish kabobs and all we had to do was decide what we wanted. It was wonderful. And delicious.

I don't remember feeling this way, but apparently I had a lot of free time to kill toward the end of the semester(?)... since I decided to recruit my friend, Marie, to make sock puppets with me one fine Saturday afternoon.

I even hand-stitched the eyelashes on. In retrospect, I wonder if I should have used this time to work on all those random end-of-semester papers so 2 weeks later I wouldn't have had to stay up for 52 hours straight to finish them...
Time well-spent.

Lastly, while walking around campus one Sunday evening, a magical swing appeared, begging to be appreciated by childish girl who isn't really ready to grow up quite yet.
Don't worry, I put it to good use :)


TexasTwinsTwice said...

haha--you should sell those cool puppets on ebay, or better yet open your own etsy shop =)

Always glad to see a post from you Paigey--keep em' coming!!

Nathan and Aubrey said...

You're so cute Ü

Allison said...

Definitely time well spent! Can we make puppets when I come back?!?! Can we? Can we? Can we?

The Gavin Parents said...

Ahh, hindsight. Even better when there aren't regrets. Regrets are such wasted energy. Live in the moment & make the MOST of it!