Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cheap thrills

I just got back to Tucson a couple days ago so I've been stalking the stores looking for things I might want for my apt. Yesterday during my lunch break I went to DI and found a super awesome toaster-oven for $6! It was more than the highlight of my day because I HATE microwaves (for some mysterious reason) and I really needed a toaster. It's wonderful! Here you see my toaster-oven performing it's "toaster" function while crisping some bagels.

I tried later to use its "oven" function to make myself a grilled-cheese sandwich:

I think there's room for improvement.

PS to my sisters: back to school = back to blogging... so you may stop harassing me at ALL of the family functions now :)


Aubrey said...

♪♫ Cinnamon...Toast-Crunch! ♫

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Uh...I don't think that's cinnamon on that toast there. ;-)

I think I've heard of the 'BURN' diet. If you burn it, you won't want to eat it. =)

Brian and Catherine said...

Yay youre back!! Call me if you want to hang out :)

Jenny Ann said...

We are random people arnt we? Toaster ovens... curtains. Its ALL important to us! (These things make life good)

Colton said...

I actually really like toaster ovens, too! They are great for quesadillas. Although I am going to have to agree that your grilled cheese sandwich needs some work.