Monday, August 31, 2009

"Steve interest mid some untested disco"

This was, word for word, a draft text that's been saved in my phone for like a month. Cody, Ethan, & I played Scrabble for the first time ever last month and since we couldn't find a dictionary we used my phone's T9Word (predictive text) capabilities. Considering the fact that my phone doesn't even recognize the words "dang" 0r "freaking" this was probably not the best authority for determining whether a word really was a word. If it doesn't recognize a word my phone will give it's best guess as to what it thinks you're really trying to say (so I inadvertently get "dangers" and "freakhog" a lot in my texts) and thus we found out that "Steve interest mid some untested disco".

I wish I had bothered to remember which words we were actually trying to spell with that. Oh well, they probably were not legitimate words because at the end of the game we had voted to allow things on the board like "Eggland" and "Cox" which sound okay, except that apparently you're not allowed to use proper nouns in Scrabble. Whatever.

PS: Where the heck is Eggland anyway?


TexasTwinsTwice said...

haha--we love us some scrabble over here too. Too funny about using your cell phone to verify words. We're VERY particular about that part...since Jim tries to get away with some doozies. We usually use

I only know of 'Eggland's Best Eggs'--from a commercial on TV.

You gonna be at mom & dad's for Labor Day?

Aubrey said...

Hahaha. What's a freakhog? Someone that hogs all the accessories that make them look like a freak?

So....will you be at mom and dad's for Labor Day? or Addy's blessing?

cody said...

from what i saw on cox. the people in eggland are some fancy scrabble players as well!

Colton said...

I'm so glad that you play Scrabble. I thought that I was the only young single person on earth that loved that game.

Allison said...

ha ha... to lots of things. ;)