Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Halloween

Here is my official halloween post. Technically my halloween was spent working on a paper so these pics are from the institute dance the night before. These were some of my favorite costumes:

Ali Hayes as Hot Rod
It was amazing! She had EVERYTHING... This was prob my favorite costume, but I might just be biased because I did her hair and made her cape. But it was legit. Too legit.
[and if you've seen Hot Rod, you caught my reference ;)]

(left) Twins Cody & Clark as Thing 1 & Thing 2
(right) Random guy as "Bonas Jonas" a.k.a. the 4th Jonas brother

(left) Jacob as Kung Fu Panda
(right) Joseph as Inigo Montoya (one of like, a billion of his costumes this halloween)

Brady as R2D2... genius!

Aren't you curious what my costume was?....


Simba... riding a unicorn!
No further explanation needed.
But if you want one: why wouldn't Simba ride a unicorn??

Jillie: She-Hulk!

Together Jillie & I decided to see how many pictures we could creep into throughout the course of the night:

Favorite couples' costume of the night:

John & Kate + 8 (season 1)



Allison said...

The last picture is my favorite!
And I'm obsessed with the R2D2 costume! Way cool!

Aubrey said...

hahaha. too many favorites! I think Bonus Jonas is clever.

Joe said...

haha :) The only thing better than seeing the pictures of Simba Riding a Unicorn was seeing Simba/Pink Unicorn dancing....and running away from stalkers

Colton said...

My absolute favorite thing about this whole shenanigan is the creeping into other peoples' pictures. Fantastic!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

hahaha!! I loved this--what creative costumes!!!! And after seeing that 'Hot Rod' trailor, I feel like I've seen the film. Thank you. =)

~Erica~ said...

Haha I absolutely loved looking at everyone's pictures on facebook and randomly seeing you in the background in ALL the pictures! You seriously rock!

Anonymous said...

bhaha love it! and yes, I party- no we party, no I only party. Thank you for a happy halloweenie.