Thursday, October 1, 2009

Life on school

This is my [side of the] room:

This is my side of the room on drugs:

How do all you moms out there do it??? In my defense I had just come back from camping, I was sick, I had a lot of homework/work/churchy opportunites, and my roommate was gone so I had no real external motive to keep it tidy. I'm so not yet faithful over few things.


[current goal is to keep my room looking like picture #1 for a week]


Aubrey said...

Ha! There's the roommate I remember ;)

I also remember Brenna used to be the same way, but I went to her house yesterday and even postpartum it was clean. I guess you'll just have to marry a Cody*.

*and by a Cody, I mean a neat freak like her Cody, not necessarily a boy named Cody Ü

Allison said...

Aubrey's comment is hysterical.

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Of course I already love you...but I love you even more for working in the Nacho Libre quote. Better get crackin' on the cleaning up after yourself only gets HARDER!!!! =)

Jenny Ann said...

HAHAHA! I remember taking pictures of my room that were just like that! And I completely understand. No judgment on my part :)

Jerrick and Amy said...

You're freakin room paige! It's a good thing we were roommates with SEPERATE rooms! I love ya though!