Monday, November 16, 2009

Random Phone Pics II

Not much goin on. Chuggin' away toward finals. Here are some phone pics from the past few weeks:

Shopping at Goodwill. Sign says THIS IS A FITTING ROOM NOT A RESTROOM. I don't even wanna know why they had to put it up.

SO bored in class I started drawing on myself. That hasn't happened since, like, 8th grade with the yellow-highlighter Midas hand incident...

Hanson randomly came to play at the UA bookstore last week. They were promoting Toms shoes/charity stuff. Mmmbop!

Carved a pumpkin for halloween with Katie, Anjuli, & Kim

Pic of me wearing my friend's classes. I thought they were cute & asked to try them on... and this is how I discovered that I actually need glasses. I just thought my recent (over the past 2 years-ish) habit of squinting in class was a weird idiosyncrasy.
Monica? Jim? a little help please...? ;)

Went to the CeHS homecoming game with Allison. Her little sis won Homecoming Queen! Good memories... :)

Just walkin' around campus...

Too literal an interpretation? You tell me.


kristine said...

Wow, those Hanson boys have really blossomed.

Aubrey said...

Classic post! Too much funny stuff. I need more of an explanation on the last picture because I can't really see it (or maybe I need glasses myself ;)

j@nAe said...

I love the randomness of the pictures. They are all over! :)

ps. yeah, sam said that joe said that operation-make-paige-fall-in-love-with-me might possibly be working and that there is a minuscule chance of you joining our event. Let me know as soon as you decide and I'll arrange for an extra plate. But you'll have to come up with at least two talents to share! :) (Don't worry, they can be funny/strange/etc. And you could do one with Rosef if you want.)

pps. I made up operation-make-paige-blah-blah-blah. Joe might kill me if he reads that.

Allison said...

Goodwill Pic:
So THAT'S why Goodwill smells like urine.

Hand Drawing:
I remember the MIDAS hand! Radioactive child...

STILL jealous! Man, those boys are dreamy!

And Aubrey's right... what is the last picture of?

Colton said...

That Goodwill sign reminds me of this movie that I saw once with Shirley MacLaine and...Julie Andrews? No...hmmm...what is her name...Julianne Moore? know. The chick from 10 Things I Hate About You. Julia STILES! That's it. Anyway.

Wow, sorry that I wrote out my thought pattern unedited like that. It was a little frightening.

Good blog idea, though.

Mckenzi and Matthew said...

AHAHAHA i love that, I miss it! Tucson is so weird and it makes me feel welcome ha we both know im weirder! I love you Paigey I will respond to your AMAZING email soon, I cant believe all the things you are doing but honestly it doesnt surprise me:) I loooove you!

TexasTwinsTwice said...

hmmmmm perhaps the Hanson boys could go a wee bit tighter on their pants

.....or maybe that's not possible. I just felt uncomfortable for them....guess i'm old!

and from what i can tell, that last pic is of a dove cut-out on a cross...right?

do you want a Thanksgiving eye exam? =)