Monday, December 14, 2009


My apartment does not have a heater. So when my hand starts to cramp up from frostbite on the 3 days a year when it's actually cold in Tucson...

this must suffice.

PS: Check out this lovely Christmas card I got in the mail from the wonderfully talented Allison :) :) :)


Allison said...

*Cue cheesy Barry White music*

I'm surprised you even needed a burner. If I came inside after a cold winter's night, all I would have to do is stand in the same vicinity of your hottness and I'd be allllright.

And yet I still get asked why I'm still single. ;P lol

Aubrey said...

Even better idea! (Just wait for her to upload it herself and then link to it :)

Colton said...

You should put a fan next to the stove to blow that hot air around your apartment. That place will be toasty in no time.

Although, if you're not starting your heater because you are looking to cut back on your electricity bills, I don't think that turning on the range is going to make that much difference.

Joe said...

You know, Mountain Plaza definately should invest in some kind of heating aparatus besides the non-functional space heaters on the walls.

I mean, They could give out free hot coco or free blankets or something, right?

Side note: Odassis knocked our space heater off the wall with a golf club when He lived with us. Definately non-functional now.