Saturday, December 19, 2009


Here I am.

I'm done! :)

Oh you want some background story about the day--like why I look so dang tired? Okay here goes... (but if you don't feel like reading the details, you can just skip to the comment form & congratulate me--I don't mind)

First I have to say thank you to everyone who has supported me & encouraged me to get through school (My sisters, Mom & Dad, Allison, etc.) but I have to say that I wouldn't have graduated if it weren't for Joseph. Literally. I-would-not-have-graduated.

No Joseph = no college degree.

You see, being the genius that I am, I procrastinated a 10 page research paper until the day before graduation (it was due Friday at 5) and, after staying up ALL night working on it [for 14 straight hours] I only had 4 1/2 pages done. YUP. I wasn't even half-way done and I felt like I'd run out of things to write about. I was freaking out, to say the least. I was going to call my parents and tell them not to drive down for commencement at 8am because I needed the time to finish my paper. In other words, if I went to commencement I wouldn't graduate. How ironic.

Anywho, Joseph called me at 6am to see if I had finished my paper and to make sure I was up getting ready so I'd look nice at commencement. But when he heard the unexpected frantic distress in my voice he got out of bed & came over, calmed me down, and made me take a short nap while he (the Creative Writing major) figured out how to expand my paper another 2 pages. Yes he showed me how to make it 50% longer (all I needed to do was explain everything I'd written--which I hadn't done because I was too tired to comprehend anything at that point). I was amazed at his skills and because of that I felt comfortable going to commencement and waiting to finish the last 4 pages til afterward. [and I did, with 2 hours to spare--hooray!]

Since I was graduating mid-year the commencement ceremony was small, so they convened all of the Psychology majors (who are usually in the college of Social & Behavioral Sciences) with the College of Science majors for graduation. That means I was graduating with people who majored in Molecular BioPhysics and Applied Mathematics and Biochemistry...

All through the ceremony the speakers kept talking about how we're gonna cure cancer and fix the energy crisis and invent awesome machines etc. etc.

Uh. I'm a Psych major. We don't do that stuff. I felt like such an impostor. Like I was impersonating a genius scientist just by being there. Oh well.

I had fun texting Allison & Joseph throughout the ceremony :)

Afterward Mom & Dad took us out to lunch at BoBo's... and they had this hanging from the rafters:

How cute :)

Anyways, aside from the sleep deprivation, it was a very fun day and I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Thanks Dad, Mom, Grandma Holyoak, & Allison for driving down for commencement--it meant a lot to me! And thanks to everyone else who was there in spirit ;)

Oh and CONGRATS to my sis Carla & her husband Brigham for graduating last week too--
woo-hoo! We be wun edjookat'd fam'ly!

... and here's to now being officially "unemployed" :)


TexasTwinsTwice said...

Oh wow--way to take it down to the wire Paigey!!! =) Glad it all worked out, and glad Joseph could be there to help you! I sooooo wish I could've been there to cheer you on. So sorry I couldn't make it work =(. You are totally worth the boring is just too crazy with the little ladies right now. I love you, and am soooo proud of you!

Allison said...

I just want to say that that's the most perfect way to end college,
I mean... who doesn't procrastinate until the day before to start a 10pg research paper?! ;)

Hoorah for Joseph on everything!
Love you! :)

Aubrey said...

I love you, you are so cute and funny!

So don't leave me hanging....did you finish the paper by 5pm.

Colton said...

Two hours to spare? I'm so disappointed in you. And you call yourself a procrastinator.

That line about feeling like an impostor made me crack up...don't worry Paige, all of those science nerds will be completely at your mercy when they have mental breakdowns.

Cha said...


Cha said...

(Because "GRAD" should be in congratulations!) :)

Mckenzi and Matthew said...

Paigey Im so happy for you! I love you I wish I could have been there! Way to be the envy of my life haha love you:)

Mckenzi and Matthew said...

Paigey!! Holly flip you know you have me dying now... you are killing me with all these "cough cough's" and we are due for a chat!
K emailing .... now:)

Brenna said...

Yay Paige I am sooo proud of you!