Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The bad news: I am definitely locked out of my apartment right now because it's not as easy to break into my* apt as it used to be.

The good news: it's not as easy to break into my apt as it used to be... and at least I can blog about it from Joseph's computer next door :)

Contrary to what the sign says... it isn't.

[*Hey Kenzi, I live in your old apt now!]


Beowulf & Buoy said...

Hi Paige. My name is Larissa. My Newfoundland dogs just stared a blog :) thats how I came across yours. Anyway's, LOVE,LOVE your name done in sparklers. Did a friend do that for you. I am so into photography. I would love to know what seeting and type of camera they used. Very cool. Have a great night!

Steven and Chelsea said...

The above comments are kinda creepy...anyways I'm sorry you are locked out. At least Joseph is close :)

Brian and Catherine said...

visit me!!

Colton said...

Does our Ms. Fackrel read your blog?

You should learn to pick locks. I always thought that it was something that they only did in movies. Then I saw my brother-in-law pick a lock quite easily, and I've been envious ever since.

TexasTwinsTwice said...

Glad you have a sign advertising to all that your apartment is such an open and welcoming place.

except for when it's locked. =) you make me laugh.

Mckenzi and Matthew said...

Paigey! i could have sworn I already commented to this beautiful post! seriously I know I did I don't know what the deal is:) But im so happy I love that apartment! Love it good for me, hopefull its not still rancid nasty after our stay haha I do miss talking with you in that back room! Miss you, miss Tucson:)

AND I am holding you to that love! Lets travel!! Maybe you and your Mr. (whoever that will be;)) could come with us! Seriously though... I AM going to these places... and seriously... you ARE comin with me!