Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Adventures in food storage

This is a can of green jello aka "lime gelatin dessert":

It is over 40 years old. Yes, 4-0. I found it while we were cleaning out my grandma's cabin. I wanted to see if it was any good because, really, how could that sort of stuff ever go bad??

Let's take a look inside:

Hmmm... not too shabby. A little hard and partially congealed, but other than that... oh and it looks like it's mixed in with dark black sand or something too. But who knows, maybe that's how they did it back in the day. Let's see how she reacts to a little hot water:

Looks good enough. Everything seems to be dissolving A-OK. Except for that mysterious dark sand. It just sinks to the bottom. Weird. Well, now for the real test. Leave it in the fridge.

Viola! It has solidified! [And makes a nice reflective surface] Apparently gelatin does not lose it's ability to gel-i-fy over the years. Hooray! However that dark black sand is still looming on the bottom. Hmmm... Interesting. Anywho, let's see how she tastes...

Just. Kidding. Unfortunately, my Dad won't let me eat it. He thinks the soothing lime smell (hello it's lime flavored!) reminds him too much of detergent and is convinced it's poisonous. So I'm saving it for my engagement party.

No, no, not to serve. To throw. That's right. I wanna have a food fight. Seriously. I highly doubt I'm the only one who has ever watched a bride & groom shove cake in each others faces and thought "why are they the only ones who get to have all the fun?" So I'm gonna wear a Goodwill wedding dress and let people throw poisonous jello and refried beans [and whatever else they wanna bring] at me & Joseph (and each other, obviously). It's gonna be sweet! And salty. And mushy.

May 1st. Save the date.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Date night

So last night for a date we went and registered at Target. Yay.

Yes folks, those are Pokemon cards...

And a giant Star Wars coloring book...

Don't worry. Despite these pictures, Joseph was actually very conservative with his use of the scanning gun. In other words, he didn't scan anything unless I told him to :)

We tried to keep things practical for the most part. But that doesn't mean we didn't have a little fun. I'll be honest, we registered for a lot of candy & a slip n' slide. And those weren't even Joseph's ideas... What? I like candy. A LOT.

It was SUPER tiring and by the end we were definitely ready to go home. But now I can check another thing off the wedding to-do list. Thus far we have invitations and... that's it.

So at this point in my wedding planning process, you are cordially invited to buy us candy at target and show up to an empty backyard on May 21st.

I'm so not cut out for this.

Monday, March 1, 2010

A few reasons I love Joseph

10. Everyone else does!

Joseph is the life of the party. He's kind to everyone he meets and he's always in a good mood. Who wouldn't wanna spend time with him??

9. Piggy back rides

I make him give them to me all the time. Like, daily. And he's sweet enough to oblige without complaint.

8. He is constantly doing nice things for me.

I have to be careful not to abuse his kindess, but he is always asking to help me. He is currently storing half my wardrobe in his closet because I have some... "space constraints" in my present living situation. He's constantly offering to give me a foot massage, make me breakfast, give me a ride to get groceries, [give me a piggy back ride] etc. He tries to go out of his way to do at least one really nice/thoughtful thing for me each day... But usually it's way more than that!

7. Simple tastes :)

He is an excellent cook and doesn't mind my lack of culinary skill. He seems happy enough to have pigs in a blanket, cheese crisps, or Mac n cheese any time. Score.

6. He's always looking out for me

Back when I used to have a job I had to work late sometimes. Joseph would always come visit me, and one time when he couldn't, he brought me hot chocolate to ease my night :)

5. He does whatever I ask him to

Literally. And he'll kill me for posting this picture. But I told him, "hey, try that on I wanna see if it fits you!" and he did. He'd do anything to get a smirk out of me :)

4. He understands women or, in other words,
The "chocolate orange" incident

I never did blog about this but here's how it went down:
I get really really really grumpy sometimes. Crazy PMS hormones or something. This evening I had been in a particularly bad mood and was being rude and grouchy to Joseph all night. Not nice at all. Joseph finally decides to call it a night and then...
[Paige] I am seriously craving a chocolate orange. I want one right now.
[Joseph] But it's 11pm on a school night.
[Paige] Right now.
[Joseph] Would it make you happy?
[Paige] ... ... ...yeeees.
[Joseph] Okay, let me change real quick...
[Paige] No... {I get a sinister look in my eyes and an evil smirk} Wear that.
[Joseph] My superhero pajamas? ...um... o...k. Are you sure?
[Paige] Yes. Wear them.
[Joseph] On a scale of 1 to 10 how happy would that make you?
[Paige] 11.7
[Joseph] Ok. Let's go.
He drove me to the store when I should've let him sleep, he ignored the curious staring of strangers at his super PJ's, hunted down the last chocolate orange they had in stock (fyi: they're very hard to find after Christmas), and then loaded our cart full of a lot more chocolate than I thought necessary. (PS: it was necessary) He brought me home and patiently sat with me as I ravenously devoured massive amounts of chocolate and made sure I was happy.

What I learned from this situation: I never knew I could be such a brat! But wow, Joseph handled it perfectly. He is awesome.
What Joseph learned from this situation: Keep chocolate on-hand to cheer up a grumpy-Paige. When the next month rolled around, he was already prepared with 2 king-sized candy bars stashed in his desk haha

3. He's a great friend

Even before we were dating [and during... and after... and again during] he has always been a great friend to me. Wise beyond his years. Great at listening and giving advice. Always there when I need him. Everything you could ever want in a friend.

2. He's just a good person

Joseph has worked hard his whole life to be better. He is ever-striving to improve on his talents so he can use them to benefit others. Joseph gives 110% effort to anything that is remotely important and sets a remarkable example for "the rest of us" lazy people :)

1. And if you wanna know the number one reason I love Joseph, you're just gonna have to visit our blog... :)