Monday, March 1, 2010

A few reasons I love Joseph

10. Everyone else does!

Joseph is the life of the party. He's kind to everyone he meets and he's always in a good mood. Who wouldn't wanna spend time with him??

9. Piggy back rides

I make him give them to me all the time. Like, daily. And he's sweet enough to oblige without complaint.

8. He is constantly doing nice things for me.

I have to be careful not to abuse his kindess, but he is always asking to help me. He is currently storing half my wardrobe in his closet because I have some... "space constraints" in my present living situation. He's constantly offering to give me a foot massage, make me breakfast, give me a ride to get groceries, [give me a piggy back ride] etc. He tries to go out of his way to do at least one really nice/thoughtful thing for me each day... But usually it's way more than that!

7. Simple tastes :)

He is an excellent cook and doesn't mind my lack of culinary skill. He seems happy enough to have pigs in a blanket, cheese crisps, or Mac n cheese any time. Score.

6. He's always looking out for me

Back when I used to have a job I had to work late sometimes. Joseph would always come visit me, and one time when he couldn't, he brought me hot chocolate to ease my night :)

5. He does whatever I ask him to

Literally. And he'll kill me for posting this picture. But I told him, "hey, try that on I wanna see if it fits you!" and he did. He'd do anything to get a smirk out of me :)

4. He understands women or, in other words,
The "chocolate orange" incident

I never did blog about this but here's how it went down:
I get really really really grumpy sometimes. Crazy PMS hormones or something. This evening I had been in a particularly bad mood and was being rude and grouchy to Joseph all night. Not nice at all. Joseph finally decides to call it a night and then...
[Paige] I am seriously craving a chocolate orange. I want one right now.
[Joseph] But it's 11pm on a school night.
[Paige] Right now.
[Joseph] Would it make you happy?
[Paige] ... ... ...yeeees.
[Joseph] Okay, let me change real quick...
[Paige] No... {I get a sinister look in my eyes and an evil smirk} Wear that.
[Joseph] My superhero pajamas? o...k. Are you sure?
[Paige] Yes. Wear them.
[Joseph] On a scale of 1 to 10 how happy would that make you?
[Paige] 11.7
[Joseph] Ok. Let's go.
He drove me to the store when I should've let him sleep, he ignored the curious staring of strangers at his super PJ's, hunted down the last chocolate orange they had in stock (fyi: they're very hard to find after Christmas), and then loaded our cart full of a lot more chocolate than I thought necessary. (PS: it was necessary) He brought me home and patiently sat with me as I ravenously devoured massive amounts of chocolate and made sure I was happy.

What I learned from this situation: I never knew I could be such a brat! But wow, Joseph handled it perfectly. He is awesome.
What Joseph learned from this situation: Keep chocolate on-hand to cheer up a grumpy-Paige. When the next month rolled around, he was already prepared with 2 king-sized candy bars stashed in his desk haha

3. He's a great friend

Even before we were dating [and during... and after... and again during] he has always been a great friend to me. Wise beyond his years. Great at listening and giving advice. Always there when I need him. Everything you could ever want in a friend.

2. He's just a good person

Joseph has worked hard his whole life to be better. He is ever-striving to improve on his talents so he can use them to benefit others. Joseph gives 110% effort to anything that is remotely important and sets a remarkable example for "the rest of us" lazy people :)

1. And if you wanna know the number one reason I love Joseph, you're just gonna have to visit our blog... :)


Aubrey said...

Awwww....I think I love him too. I have a few outfits I'd like him to try on...

Steven and Chelsea said...

If Steven were to read this he would say, "Paige he is not your Ken doll". I say, if you can get him to wear what you want him too, I like him even more!

Allison said...

After chocolate incident:
"Paige, as much as I love you... If I were Joseph I would've headed for the hills. You are mean to make him do that!"


TexasTwinsTwice said...

I do declare--you've found your perfect match Paige!! Jim and I share shoes, you and Joseph can share clothes! =) And especially after the pms/chocolate thing..every girl needs a guy that understands that sorta thing! It does sound like you were quite the crank!

Congrats you guys--i'm so happy for you!

erika said...

The chocolate incident is priceless! I love that he did that for you!

j@nAe said...

I have so much to say ...

on 10 - They say he was born laughing and has been doing it ever since. I was dubious at first, but you can only spend so much time with him before you realize it's the truth.

on 8 - He gets it from his dad. That is how Mathew treats Kaye, and all three boys have followed suit. It can be challenging to be a moody woman married to the kindest man on earth. Trust me. I know.

on 7 - Please tell me that you picked up the phrase 'cheese crisp' from him and that you didn't call it that before you met Joe. Sam and I have an ongoing argument about that one ... (seriously, please tell me. Email me or something.)

on 6 - Change the situation just slightly and you have Sam and I while we were dating. Seriously, these Ricks boys are amazing!

on 5 - I have never thought of doing that before! And pictures! Oh, Sam just might hate you for this one ... ;)

on 4 - 3 am. Dulce de Leche Hagen Daas ice cream. Need I say more?

[sigh] I married good. And soon, you will too. I can't wait. Lets be neighbors and best friends, okay?

Sasha Piton said...

Love it love it love it.

Mckenzi and Matthew said...

O my gosh Paigey!!! AHHHH CONGRATS! You better believe I am talking about you! Or I will be adding you in like 2 seconds... GET OUT! Im so excited I get to go!!!! WOOT WOOT! yay I love you both... so happy for you:)

Colton said...

You used the L word. I don't think I need to go to your other blog. Congratulations.

Brian Charles Soto, Esq. said...

Lucky guy. Most girls leave once they find me wearing a dress.

Jerrick and Amy said...

PAIGE!! I'm so happy :) Jerrick's old roomie and my old roomie hooking up... I love it. You guys are great. CONGRATS! When is the day? I just am so excited!!

Brenna said...

soooo cute! you two are sooo adorable together!