Sunday, May 29, 2011

year 1

So we had our anniversary last Sunday (22nd) but we were busy making preparations to go backpacking to Havasupai so I didn't get to post.

Anyways, being married is cool. This photo is a representation of all the happy joyful lovey-dovey times of wonderfulness we've had in the last year.

Since getting married I think we've learned a lot of funny little things about life and each other. Aside from the fact that I talk in my sleep Joseph learned that I will love him more if he watches a girly movie with me than one of his action/explosion movies. I learned that Joseph makes the most fabulous grilled cheese sandwiches EVER. Joseph learned that I can be kind of an electricity nazi. I learned that Joseph never turns the oven off after he uses it (ok, not never, but like 9 times out of 10--who does that??).

Something I suspected before but definitely learned in marriage: Joseph is always right. Not that he has to be right, he just is. Joseph is also ALWAYS cheerful. I learned that Joseph never gets angry. He doesn't even get upset. However, Joseph learned that I get upset. And grumpy. Pretty frequently over lame things. Like electricity.

Nonetheless, being married has been pretty awesome. By residing in closer proximity to Joseph on a daily basis I have discovered that he is even cooler than I thought when I married him. Sometimes despite my best efforts he has been nothing but patient and loving and nice to me and just an overall total sweetheart. I love him bunches.

**end mushy-gushy stuff here**

For our anniversary present to ourselves we decided to take up camping/backpacking as a hobby and bought some sweet gear:

We decided to test-drive everything in our living room the week before our trip.

Happy anniversary to us! :)


Aubrey said...


A tent in the living room is EXACTLY my idea of a great camping trip!

Ciacci said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I love Joseph's face in the sleeping bag picture, haha!

Brian and Catherine said...

Happy 1 year Anniversary!! And what a fun way to spend it!! I am so jealous you got to go to Havasupai! I want to go so bad, but my boot is holding me back haha. Anyway, you will have to tell me about it later!!

Colton said...

Yes, Happy Anniversary to you! It's like I said before, how could you combine two of my favorite things and not end up with something AWESOME!?!? It's like peanut butter and jelly!

janae said...

We *love* camping. It took Sam some adjusting to actually doing it with a family (read: wife who makes the food while he sets up the tent and builds a fire, and kids who do nothing to help) since his family never went, but now he loves it. We've never done backpacking with kids, though. (This summer my family is doing a couples backpacking trip sans kids, so maybe I should test out the terrain and see if they can handle it.) Some day we'll make it down to Tucson and we can all go camping together.

ANYWAY. Back to you. I'm glad marriage is so awesome. :) You're married to Ricks man, so you got lucky. They are the sweetest, most patient men ever. (Poor guys, they have to deal with us moody female types!)

Kami said...

This is sweet! Mushy-gushy stuff isn't bad. Also, thanks for the camping-in-the-living-room pictures! This post was fantastic. Happy anniversary to you two! :)

Siri Natalia said...

Your posts are always so funny! :) Love it! Congrats!