Saturday, November 5, 2011

Um, what?

I just had an experience that was so incredibly strange, I don't know what to do except write a blog post about it.

This morning we took some of the youth at church to Peppersauce cave. I just parked at the church and got a ride up there. After the activity I drove one of the girls home and then pulled over to check the oil on our car. (it leaks oil so the light is ALWAYS dinging--agh!) Anyway, I popped the hood and what did I see staring back at me with the most terrified expression?


So of course I screamed because I thought it was dead for sure. And then when I realized it was alive but not jumping out I worried that its legs were probably melted to the inside car parts. I didn't want to get too close for fear of rabies so I started searching for a stick or something to gently pry/nudge it out of our engine. But in the end, as I approached stick-in-hand, it just hopped out on its own and ran into the nearby park.

(the orange circle is where it was hiding when I opened the hood)

My best guess is that it got inside the engine to stay warm when I left the car parked at the church.

Soooooo then, did that rabbit really ride 10 miles inside my car engine from the church to that park?


Colton said...

THIS IS THE CRAZIEST THING EVER! I can't even believe it. I can't believe so many things about it! is it still alive? Why did it climb all the way up there? Why did it STAY there? This whole situation is so completely and comically ridiculous!

janae said...

That is soooooo much stranger than the hornets nest we found in our drivers' side side-view mirror. I'm so glad you took a picture!

janae said...

Sam says that maybe it was having a secret hot date with Lily...

Allison said...

...this whole thing is so strange, that I don't even know how to leave an appropriate response. I'm hoppy the situation turned out well. OH! ;)

Aubrey said...

Sounds like a hare-y situation!

Similar story I heard about just a few weeks ago:

Steven and Chelsea said...

I don't know how to respond. Except that the weirdest things happen to you sometimes! I'm glad it wasnt dead or melted to your car!

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