Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Before & After

Is it just me or are before/after posts really awesome? I try to keep my blog-stalking to a minimum of people I actually know, but I like reading this blog for DIY inspiration.

I have been SEARCHING for some good metal bookends for a while now, but even at goodwill they usually run $20 for a set. I found some marble ones that were only $6 ANDDDDD they were rabbits! [Joseph rolled his eyes when I showed him but I likely would've also bought them if they were anything else too--I tell ya I've been SEARCHING--however I cannot deny the lucky opportunity to immortalize my beloved pet!] Anyways, they were dark brown but when I washed them to prep for getting painted all the brown stuff came off in clumps... weird. It made for some funky fur-like texturing in the after state, but not too bad. Before:


And here they are in-use:

Also, I did this one probably a year ago but never posted about it. We needed extra seating in our apartment & I found this solid li'l chair for $5. I just sanded off that weird crusty milk looking stain on the seat, took the casters off, and added a coat of Martha Stewart's 'Blueberry Pie' ...aka 'purple' paint. Now that I know better I would've added a primer to make the paint stick better since it has chipped off a bit on the legs from lots of use, but hey that whole 'shabby chic' thing is in style now, right? Before:


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

This was our new years eve. Hope yours was a good one too!