Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Before & After

Is it just me or are before/after posts really awesome? I try to keep my blog-stalking to a minimum of people I actually know, but I like reading this blog for DIY inspiration.

I have been SEARCHING for some good metal bookends for a while now, but even at goodwill they usually run $20 for a set. I found some marble ones that were only $6 ANDDDDD they were rabbits! [Joseph rolled his eyes when I showed him but I likely would've also bought them if they were anything else too--I tell ya I've been SEARCHING--however I cannot deny the lucky opportunity to immortalize my beloved pet!] Anyways, they were dark brown but when I washed them to prep for getting painted all the brown stuff came off in clumps... weird. It made for some funky fur-like texturing in the after state, but not too bad. Before:


And here they are in-use:

Also, I did this one probably a year ago but never posted about it. We needed extra seating in our apartment & I found this solid li'l chair for $5. I just sanded off that weird crusty milk looking stain on the seat, took the casters off, and added a coat of Martha Stewart's 'Blueberry Pie' ...aka 'purple' paint. Now that I know better I would've added a primer to make the paint stick better since it has chipped off a bit on the legs from lots of use, but hey that whole 'shabby chic' thing is in style now, right? Before:



janae said...

Those bookends look awesome! Plus, of course you had a to get rabbits. You have a pet rabbit for heaven's sake. Your stuff looks amazing!

ps. Joe and Sam's cousin's wife Rachel has some pretty cool before and afters of here house here, but you have to scroll down a bit:

And you should check out the color scheme of her toy room. Amazing!

Allison said...

So proud that I'm tearing. :)

Kami said...

WOW! Those rabbits look spectacular! How did I miss them the other day?!