Thursday, March 22, 2012

Things I should have bought at Goodwill but didn't

Le sigh. Most of these camera phone pics were sent to Joseph with the caption "I can haz?" or to Allison with the caption "I found your Christmas present". See if you can figure out which category each item belonged in.
Note: the main barrier to my obtaining these items was the price. C'mon Goodwill, you got these for free!

HUGE Painting of AZ desert: $60

Green Velvet Chaise: $120
Ok, technically this was a craigslist ad, but it still falls into my regrets category

Skanky Menorah: $25

Yellow velvet chair: $30

Life-size (4 ft+) creepy clown doll: $12

I'm not even scared of clowns & I'm creeped out. Let's get a close-up of that face:

A Pancreas mug: $4 [literally, I read the underside, it's a pancreas]

Large Beethoven bust: $30

Naked Adam & Eve as children musical ceramic book thing: $10

Ok, not an actual item but this goodwill shopper was easily in her 50s and had HOT pink hair

El Conquistador bronze statue: $13

Red velvet tufted couch: $25 (Can you tell I have a thing for tufted velvet furniture??)

Next I might do a post about "Things I bought at Goodwill but probably shouldn't have" and it may or may not include this child-size Barney garment bag I found for $4:

(But hey, it's perfect for my skirts!)


Aubrey said...

I don't know where to begin....

RasunBaby said...

Ok the yellow velvet chair? I had the EXACT one in pea green in our first two apartments! I LOVED that thing. Nate had a matching wing back chair. This is the picture:
Love, Rachel!

janae said...

I'll admit, the red velvet couch kinda has me...

Jess said...


Colton said...

Gross. Those velvet things are disgusting. Although that painting is seriously rad. I can't believe someone donated it to Goodwill. The only other thing that I wouldn't abhor is that bust of Beethoven.

You really should post the complement to this entry...that would be hilarious. I loved it.

Melissa said...

Good Will is overpriced. I hate it. Good "Finds" tho...I love thrifting!!

mjm said...

Loved this post....and all the others I just got caught up on. You are too fun! Love u!