Friday, June 8, 2012

Memorial Day

[I will post about our trip to the Bahamas soooon, but I wanted to get these pics off my camera first]

We made a trek to Utah over memorial day weekend. Up through Vegas, down through Page.

This was my first time over the Hoover Dam on "the bridge". I remember seeing the preparations for it over 15 years ago! So I happen to have an extreme fear of heights on man-made objects. I fully believe that the only reason I made it across alive is because I did not know beforehand the size of this bridge. It is ENORMOUS. Pics do not do it justice in my opinion but, as you can see, I still tried. After crossing the bridge we went back and drove over the dam, just for old time's sake. We made that drive between Kingman & Las Vegas SO many times growing up but this was my first time as an adult. Everything just looks smaller! Except for the bridge. That thing is huge.

It was 105 degrees when we left Tucson and 68 degrees when we got to Salt Lake City--glorious!

The best perks were seeing 3-days-old Isaiah Matthew (why didn't I get any pics??? He is a cutie!) and visiting Samuel & Janae and Paul & Stephanie. OH! aaaand I met President Monson. Shook his hand. Totally awesome.

It was (sadly) a quick visit, the main purpose of which was to take care of the business of scoping out some housing, but we will be spending more time with them in the fall since... wait for it... we are moving to Provo-town. Bada-boom!

Joseph got in to BYU for law school. I'm so proud of him, he is such a hard-worker! As someone who actually enjoys hard work, I think he will have a very pleasant next 3 years...

I will be (hopefully) working if I can find a job that doesn't want to pay me 30% less than what I make now doing the exact same thing--c'mon Utah!

This will be home for the next period of our lives:
Well, particularly the bottom-left section since it is a 4-plex. But, you know what I mean. Built in 1908, lots of character. I am excited: 30% because it's way cute, 70% because there is a washer & dryer.

On the way back from Utah we stopped to visit friends and family in Winslow, Flagstaff, Cottonwood, Phoenix [we filmed an embarrassingly awesome music video for Call Me Maybe w/Allison], and finally Tucson.

So that's the latest with us. After 6 good years I will say bye bye to Tucson. Hopefully it's just hasta luego and not adiĆ³s. I will be so sad but happy at the same time. I love making new friends, I just wish I didn't have to leave my old ones.

PS: To all my SLC/Provo peeps... 6 more weeks my friends. And then, we party :)


Allison said...

Lame about Utah, awesome about Call Me Maybe.

Colton said...

Hey, I just moved BACK to Tucson, no fair!

Jess said...

SO STOKED! Can't wait til your here! One of my old roommates and her husband are doing the law school thing up here...let me know if you need a contact! Much love:)

janae said...

President Monson probably said something about judging Sam's beard, and then after learning about the movie and feeling bad for judging, huh?

-chai- said...

Love the house, i'm jealous!

erika said...

We too have driven over that bridge and after watching it be built I was TERRIFIED! Turns out it wasn't too bad because somehow you can't tell how far up you are.

Annnd, I had something else to say but as i am typing this one-handed while juggling a cranky babe I have certainly forgotten what it was. I am sure it was witty and intelligent too. ;)

mckenzi said...

Ahhh Paigey I am so excited for you!!
I know it took me forever to get back around to emailing, I have had so much to tell you and just got caught up in the craziness of the last few months. But oh the joy I feel that Utah will now be 1000% cooler with you in town. So happy for Joseph too! CONGRATS!

So good/bad news is that we are moving BUT I will be coming back for Fall to finish up some school stuff... so for realz, lets party, please! I am so excited to see you... it has been way way too long. Please update me on your plans and let me know when you guys get here!

Love your house btw! And your beautiful face.

mjm said...

awww I love seeing what your house looks like!! I say inside tour next time!!! (Unless you don't want to give creepers a full tour--then I understand!!)