Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Secret obsession

After a long day/week/whenever-I-feel-like-it I throw on some PJs and skip to the best part of Lord of the Rings. I've seen the LOTR movies a couple dozen times, but the best part I've watched... ahem many, many times more than that.
And now, may I present...
[spoiler alert!]

Ahhhhh it kills me every time. (And don't ask me why my favorite part is when it seems like evil has completely triumphed... I have no idea. It just is.)

PS: totally unrelated but I had the strangest dream last night where I had to punch all these kittens that were following me. Really weird, but much more interesting than my usual dreams about going to work or getting groceries.


Allison said...

I was trying to find my favorite scene of the trilogy and found this instead: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rw_yqxH60eE

I wish Jackson would've inserted Whitney Houston songs throughout... makes everything seem more emotional.

Paige said...

Haha! What a coincidence... frequently singing "I Will Always Love You" is another one of my secret obsessions that Joseph has to put up with

Aubrey said...

I had no idea.
I think you should post weekly about a new secret obsession (but then it wouldn't be a secret, right?)

Colton said...

After watching that, upon reflection, the experience is analogous to life in a scary way. It is a great part. I think my favorite part is the Battle of the Pelennor Fields where Legolas shoots the giant oliphant and the undead warriors rampage all over the place. Awesome.