Sunday, September 23, 2012

This week in pictures

I started my job last Monday. I am supervising juveniles who have been court-ordered to complete community service. I find projects for them to do within the community (like pick up trash or paint over graffiti) and then make sure they do a quality job to earn their hours. On Thurs/Fri of this week I went to a training for all new state employees. They gave us temporary tattoos, ironically, right after giving us the talk about "professionalism in the workplace" which includes no visible tattoos.

Also to obtain this new job I had to have a Utah drivers license.

Yessssss. Say goodbye to the mugshot. Although, to be fair, it has served me well in being a great conversation piece and I still keep it in my wallet for good times.

We are finally starting to get settled in here. It's funny that by moving to Provo we have been visited by family almost as much in these last 2 months as we did in the 2 years we lived in Tucson. This weekend my sister Chanda had business in Salt Lake, so we met up at Ikea in Draper for a little shopping/bonding. I scored the deal of a lifetime:

I have been wanting this chaise lounge for ohhhh about 3 years. I found it in the "as is" section for only $10 because it was missing the cover. Pretty sure they forgot a zero on the price, but I went and asked one of the employees and they said "yeah I guess it is 10 bucks, pretty good deal." I was actually going to pass it up because Joseph has taught me well "don't buy things you don't need simply because they are a good deal... that's how hoarders are made." But Chanda reminded me that it was worth more than $10 in firewood alone so I should do it. This is why sisters are good to have around!

So here it sits in our living room while I figure out what to do with it... and I am now one step closer to being featured on Hoarders.

Last but not least, tonight I invented the most incredible dessert ever. It has only 2 ingredients and the prep time is about 4 seconds:

A spoonful of Nutella topped with whip cream.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Double whammy

I know it's a little early since Halloween is still 6 weeks away... but I have something TRULY frightening to show you.

I am a mutant. LOOK AT THAT THING! (And in case you're wondering, yes, I did have to go to a job interview with it looking like that--I put a hot pack on it to get the swelling to go down and it worked... a little). Ok try not to be totally disgusted but the cause of that... horrible horrible thing... is the faint dark spot to the upper-right of my mouth. Yes, a zit. I have no idea what exactly happened, but it swelled so huge that the residual swelling went into my lip. I am happy to report, as I write this, that my lip has returned to normal size, however the zit rages on.

People wondered why I was doing accutane a few months ago... well, there you go. Cystic acne is the worrrst. Agh. Oh well, having one of these every so often is not as bad as it was pre-accutane where I had, at any given time at least one big one but more often 2 or 3.

So the double whammy here was having a huge mutant lip AND have to go out in public and beg for a job. Continuing the theme of this post, here is the next double whammy:

Jury duty summons. Within 3 weeks of each other. For two different counties in Arizona. I was irritated at the Maricopa County one because this is the third time they have tried to send me a jury summons in the 6 years that I have NOT lived there. Not to mention the fact that this latest one was sent to my grandma's house, which has never been my address for anything.

The Pima county one was a surprise because I thought after "serving" as a grand jury alternate I was supposed to be off the hook for 3 years. And then I did the math... September 2009 to... oh. Wow, they are really on top of things! Don't get me wrong, I love jury duty. I just don't want to have to travel 12-14 hours to do it :)

Last double whammy: I got a calling in our new ward as an RS Pianist. Magically, I also got a calling in our old ward as a nursery leader. My friend texted me to let me know that I was sustained in sacrament meeting and everything. News to me!

Doppelgangers. Somewhere, someone is living my life in Maricopa county, sans mega-zit and double church-duty. Here's to less complicated times:

South Beach, Miami, Florida April 2012 after our anniversary cruise to the Bahamas.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I got a job. FINALLY. Truth be told, I have really enjoyed this time of being a stay-at-home wife, probably because deep down I have a really lazy soul. 6 weeks of it and I'm still finding stuff to keep myself entertained (stuff which doesn't even involve the internet, or pinterest--whose addictive reputation still scares me from even checking it out). The main problem with being a SAHW, aside from lack of financial contributions to our household, is the shame when meeting new people: "So are you in school?" "No. I finished." "So do you work?" "No." "Have kids?" "No." Awkward silence. Well, not so any longer! Now I can tell them about being Provo's newest deputy probation officer. Yeeeah boi. But seriously, I'm stoked. I start on Monday.

Joseph has been plugging away at his lawr school studies. Here's a picture of him from orientation week:
What a handsome guy :)
So far I like living in Provo. It's like a Where's Waldo hunt for past acquaintances from old wards, high school, college, seminary, and EFY. Also as soon as September came BAM leaves started turning red/orange and the weather became cool. Witnessing the changes that happen with Fall is like suddenly seeing a leprechaun... I've read about them and seen them portrayed in movies but wait, you mean to tell me they actually exist?? I am stoked. (Not to mention we were watching the U of A football game 2 weekends ago and at 10pm in Tucson it was 97 degrees--ha!)
Whenever I rave about the weather here people always say "just wait until Februrary..." which makes me want to punch them in the face. Don't ruin this for me people!
However, on that note, I will report back once I have found out how cold 20 degrees and 3 months without sun feels...