Thursday, September 13, 2012

Double whammy

I know it's a little early since Halloween is still 6 weeks away... but I have something TRULY frightening to show you.

I am a mutant. LOOK AT THAT THING! (And in case you're wondering, yes, I did have to go to a job interview with it looking like that--I put a hot pack on it to get the swelling to go down and it worked... a little). Ok try not to be totally disgusted but the cause of that... horrible horrible thing... is the faint dark spot to the upper-right of my mouth. Yes, a zit. I have no idea what exactly happened, but it swelled so huge that the residual swelling went into my lip. I am happy to report, as I write this, that my lip has returned to normal size, however the zit rages on.

People wondered why I was doing accutane a few months ago... well, there you go. Cystic acne is the worrrst. Agh. Oh well, having one of these every so often is not as bad as it was pre-accutane where I had, at any given time at least one big one but more often 2 or 3.

So the double whammy here was having a huge mutant lip AND have to go out in public and beg for a job. Continuing the theme of this post, here is the next double whammy:

Jury duty summons. Within 3 weeks of each other. For two different counties in Arizona. I was irritated at the Maricopa County one because this is the third time they have tried to send me a jury summons in the 6 years that I have NOT lived there. Not to mention the fact that this latest one was sent to my grandma's house, which has never been my address for anything.

The Pima county one was a surprise because I thought after "serving" as a grand jury alternate I was supposed to be off the hook for 3 years. And then I did the math... September 2009 to... oh. Wow, they are really on top of things! Don't get me wrong, I love jury duty. I just don't want to have to travel 12-14 hours to do it :)

Last double whammy: I got a calling in our new ward as an RS Pianist. Magically, I also got a calling in our old ward as a nursery leader. My friend texted me to let me know that I was sustained in sacrament meeting and everything. News to me!

Doppelgangers. Somewhere, someone is living my life in Maricopa county, sans mega-zit and double church-duty. Here's to less complicated times:

South Beach, Miami, Florida April 2012 after our anniversary cruise to the Bahamas.


Aubrey said...

I think I said "no way!" about 4 times while reading this....almost once for each paragraph.

janae said...

I love that you got two callings in two words at the same time. Who knew that kind of stuff could happen?!

Brian and Catherine said...

I don't even know what to say other than congrats on all the double whammies!!

Brian and Catherine said...

I don't even know what to say other than congrats on all the double whammies!!

mjm said...

I thought that pic at the bottom was of your Doppelganger, and I was going to say, the resemblance is UNCANNY!! :-) that zit looked super you were hit in the mouth with a bat!!!