Thursday, October 25, 2012


So these are my happenings as of late:
  • For work I secured my kids a weekly gig volunteering at a local llama farm
  • It is cold. It snowed today. Last time I experienced snowy weather was January 21, 2007 when it snowed in Tucson my freshman year of college. Everyone fah-reaked out and said we should close the school calling the event a blizzard (okay so "everyone" was me, but still it was crazy). As I watch all of these poor kids calmly walk by my house on their way to school I realize I am totally out of my element.
  • Everyone is posting facebook statuses about listening to Christmas music as a result of the snow. Confession: I've been listening to Christmas music since August.
  • I got pink eye last week. I don't know if I've ever had it before. I probably have, but not since I can remember so yeah.
  • Speaking of nuisances, the hamster has been missing for 6 days now. This is escape #6 in 3 months. We weren't sure if she was still alive until Joseph made the mistake of leaving her jar of food on the floor... Next day it was empty. That was like 3 weeks worth of food. Suspicions tell us she is somewhere in the utility room, probably cuddling up next to the water heater.
And now, for pictures:

Apparently it is super-uncool to actually like the llamas, so my kids just complain that the llamas will probably kick or spit on them.
Come on, just look at this face:
This is not the face of a jerk llama (although in their defense one of the llamas flatulated in a kid's face) Regardless, I absolutely love llamas so too bad kids, we're staying.

Here is my pink eye:

According to google, to catch a hamster:
Sprinkle flour across your doorways to find out where your hamster is coming/going--it will leave tracks in the flour (After 3 days of us stepping in flour we decided she is probably not in the kitchen area)

Tie a piece of string/floss to some hamster food, your hamster will take the food to her stash and you can follow the string (she just cut the floss and took the food)
When we came outside to take Joseph to school this morning there was a li'l snow on our car.

By the time I dropped him off and got back home it was going crazy

So I sat on the couch, cranked up the heater, and enjoyed the show outside my window.


allisontucker said...

Hey, remember when I had Cellulitus of the Eye and DIDN'T post a picture of it on my blog?

I was quite enjoying the llama pics and then...bam!

Also: "Apparently it is super-uncool to actually like the llamas, so my kids just complain that the llamas will probably kick or spit on them."

What the what? I LOVE llamas!

janae said...

First the lip, now the eye. What's next, your nose??

Kami said...

I love your Utah adventures! So fun that it's snowing! And I'm glad you get to enjoy it instead of having to trudge in it (unless you do have to trudge in it?). So sad about your pink eye! I hope it gets better soon! Do you need a more secure cage for your hamster?? Haha! Love the documented failed attempts with the flour and floss. Hopefully she gets found before she dies and starts smelling bad!!

Kami said...

OH! And it makes me really REALLY happy that you've been listening to Christmas music since August!!! I've been trying to suppress my wantings to do so also... I'm already over fall and ready for Christmas season!!

Colton said...

Okay, so I super duper love this whole hamster trapping thing that you are doing. Perhaps a rodent live-trap? You know, the things that are designed to catch rodents...alive? I mean, they are probably expensive, but since this is a fairly regular occurence, then it might be a worthwhile investment.

I just looked on Amazon and they are $23.00. And I trust that people as creative as yourselves can find other entertaining things to do with it. At the very least the cost of all that flour adds up. Haha.

mjm said...

You know when people say they LOL'd, but really didn't--it's just a nice way to say, "hey that was slightly funny".

WELL, I LOL when i read your blog. no joke


i love it. :-)

and hey if you need jim to ever call in a prescription for you he's game!