Friday, November 2, 2012


So the hamster disappeared exactly 2 weeks ago and had not been seen since. We were about to give her up for lost when late last night we got a call that the neighbor found her roaming around the back yard. Well, more specifically, the neighbor's cat found the hamster. (That was actually another Google suggestion: use a cat ON A LEASH to see if the cat could find the hamster's whereabouts). No idea how she got out of the house but... Success!

Don't be fooled by her sad little expression--she is a menace!
Now she is back where she belongs. Only she's about twice her regular size... I think she ate ALL of that hamster food she stole a few days ago and/or got impregnated by some street rat. She is soooo fat. Like hamsters-in-the-Kia-commercials fat:

Unrelated: I promised my kids that the llamas would be nice to them if they were nice back. However last week one of the llamas hocked a BIG loogie in this girl's hair for no reason. It was hilarious. But I felt bad for her because it reeeeked.

(And in case you were wondering, I had to look up how to spell "hocked a loogie". I don't think  I've actually ever seen it in print)


Kell Bjorn said...

Haha! I thought at first you were going to say that the neighbors cat found it...and ate it.

allisontucker said...

The Kia hamster! Haha...she's behind bars squealing, "Sorry for Party Rocking!"

Colton said...

Impregnated by some street rat...bwahahaha! She probably just realized that fall was, in fact, approaching and homegirl needed to put on some weight if she was going to survive a Utah winter.

I'm really suprised that the cat didn't kill it, though.

Ciacci said...

Haha...that hamster is amazing! Why does this random stuff always happen to you guys? Love it, love you, miss you!


janae said...

I. love. your. blog.

Aubrey said...

We have a book about a hamster named Murphy that the grandma loses (her grandkids hamster, she was babysitting) she buys another to replace it, hoping they won't notice. Anyway, I was reading it to the kids and told them how long yours had been missing and they were really worried. Glad I can update them that it is found.

mjm said...

ewwwwww on the loogie!!! That would deter me from any more criminal activity right there. Scared straight fo' sure! :-)

LOVE your hamster stories. LOVE your blog. LOVE you. :-)