Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Life is so good

I love Benjamin, so much! He is a sweet angelic child who makes me want 14 more just like him. Is that weird for your own baby to make you baby-hungry? This big boy is already 3 months old. He's growing too fast!

Oh man, I just looked and there are almost no pictures of him on here. I guess I will have to remedy that...

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saturday Night

Joseph has a bazillion Legos/Lego sets. Most from his youth, some from... a little more recently :) While this makes Joseph the most popular uncle, the Lego sets have been taken apart and crazy mixed up by nieces/nephews over the years. They've been in a huge tote in the basement. Until tonight... when we decided to start organizing them.

These are just some of the Lego people. He's got Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, pirates, aliens, ninjas, and a bunch of other ones. They were all kinds of mixed up: severed heads/hands/legs and/or mix n' matched (i.e. Darth Maul with 2 pirate hooks for hands). Joseph put all of them back together while we watched The Two Towers.

I should probably mention here that for Valentine's day this year I got Joseph the Helm's Deep Lego set. And since we were watching the movie and messing with Legos already... the next logical step:

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I have a baby.

This is the story of how I came to have said baby.

I went to the hospital on Monday Sept 9th for them to try a procedure to "coax" baby out of his stubbornly-breech position. No luck. All I had to show for it was a lot of bruising on my abdomen (i.e. it HURT). Afterward they scheduled me to have a C-section on Sept 24th and I was devastated.

The next evening, September 10th at approx. 10:30pm, I was reading on the bed while on my knees and elbows trying to convince baby one last time that his sense of gravity is off... when suddenly, Did I just pee my pants?? Oh no, if this is my water breaking, does that mean baby has to be born, like, today? And then panic set in... because I am supposed to have 2 more weeks to prepare. I don't have a hospital bag packed. The "nursery" is still a store-all-junk-room that also happens to have piles of baby stuff in it. I even left perishable food on my desk at work because, you know, I'm supposed to come in tomorrow!

Joseph went into panic mode because all he heard during my pregnancy were stories of people almost having their babies on the way to the hospital. I just held a rolled-up towel between my legs and waddled around the house calmly collecting things to bring to the hospital. Joseph scooted me out the door and away we went... to have a baby!

Joseph passed 2 police cars on the way but neither gave us the chance to use the whole "my wife is in labor!" excuse so we continued uninterrupted on our journey in total disbelief that this was really happening.

We arrived at the hospital at 11:15pm and I tried to focus through my contractions as they prepared me for the C-section. The nurse said the doctor is on his way and we would have a baby in about an hour. I had dreamt the night before that if we had a baby on September 11th it would be really funny to tell people that we named our baby Freedom Gunfighter Ricks (because, you know, 'Merica). Now faced with that reality I asked the nurse how likely it was that we could get this baby out before midnight. Really, who wants their baby to share their birthday with a national tragedy?

Well, as you may have been noticing, baby has a history of doing things his own way. He was born at 12:33am on September 11. 7lbs 3oz, 19 inches. Oh and the reason baby was breech and could not turn: the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck 3 times! Knowing that I am SO grateful everything happened the way it did.

And it turns out, being C-sectioned was not nearly as terrible as I thought it would be. I feel like I cheated at childbirth. It took all of 6 minutes to slice & dice and pull baby out. (They even let Joseph film it!)

Now we have our little Benjamin Freedom Ricks.

Just kidding. His middle name is Gavin :)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Time flies

The death of Google Reader has made me much less inclined to blog because, well... how is anyone going to see my posts?!? Oh well. Happenings since I last posted:

-This was a sad-face meal-for-one that I made while Joseph was gone doing his internship over the summer. Those 10 weeks took FOREVER... but at the same time it flew by. We survived. We learned much. We really appreciate that we can live together now. And we both agree we are never doing something like that again.

-Joseph and I went zip-lining during one of his visits to Provo over the summer. I was just barely starting to show so I'm sure the people running the thing were wondering, but not sure enough to say anything. It was super-fun and totally safe. Because really, if anything unfortunate happened... it would kill a regular person just as well as a preggo one so I'm glad I went for it.

-During one of my solo summer Saturday nights I drove up to Park City to see the Utah Symphony play the 1812 Overture live with REAL cannon fire. It was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. If I had a bucket list, that would've been on it. Seriously, I cried at the end. It was incredible.  

-The apricot tree in our backyard survived the loooong frosty spring and produced a ton of apricots. So I tried to make apricot-everything (shakes, cobbler, salad). This is a pan of apricot leather, cooking on the dash of the car--just the method my siblings and I used when we dehydrated it growing up! (much better alternative than baking it at 150*F with the oven door ajar for 6-8 hours like most recipes say. Especially when our kitchen on its own was about 87*F at any given time)

-Speaking of hot: I would HIGHLY discourage anyone from being the fattest part of pregnant over summertime. Especially in a place where they don't take air conditioning seriously. Many times over the summer it was hotter in Provo than Tucson yet Joseph was the one living in a nice central-air apartment while I lay sprawled in front of our solitary window a/c unit. And no one at church/work/stores seemed to mind having the a/c set at 78 degrees. I feel like I have been sweating nonstop since May.

-I bought the greatest maternity shirt ever. Joseph and I call it the kitten-party shirt.

-Right after he got back Joseph got called to be the 2nd counselor in the bishopric in our ward. Kindof funny to see him conduct Sacrament Meeting. Like, weird. I try to make faces at him up on the stand but he never notices.

-Today I am 35 weeks pregnant. Maybe it's just me but that went by FAST. I am totally not ready! But apparently neither is baby boy since he is STILL breech. Naughty baby. We've been praying for him to flip around. Feel free to join us. 

(This is me at 34 weeks)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

snips & snails

First glimpse of our baby BOY:
Did I mention the fact that I was positive it was a girl & did not even entertain the possibility that it was really a 50/50 chance? Needless to say I was shocked & asked the technician to double-check... after a 2nd assessment she is still fairly certain we have ourselves a baby boy. It took me a few days to process it but I am used to the idea now. He practices karate on the regular & gave us a good show during the appointment.

I will spare you the other ultrasound pics because 1. most people can't tell what's in those even when they're labeled and 2. I can barely tell/remember what's in them even though I was there and had everything explained to me.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

I am pregnant.

That's right. I am a sacred vessel bringing a precious life into this world. Said precious life is actually almost half-way cooked (Mother's Day will be the official hump-day: 20 weeks). May 14th is the big day when we find out whether we're having a Joseph Jr. or a Josephine. So far this pregnancy has been really really easy on me. If this is how it'll always be Joseph just might get his wish to have 15 kids. Maybe.

19 weeks

Aside from the gradual inflation of a spare tire in my mid-section, the main symptom of my pregnancy has been cravings. Folks, these things are real. For the first few weeks I just wanted hamburgers. Juicy, meat-y hamburgers. For the next 3 months all I wanted was produce: salad, cucumbers, apples, sun-dried tomatoes. Chocolate? Taco Bell? No thanks. Please pass the bell peppers and hummus. I have never eaten so healthy in my entire life. I know it's not a bad thing, it's just totally weird. [I should note: eating a pure veggie/health-freak diet did not stop me from gaining a few tons the first trimester, what's up with that?] Most recently I just eat scrambled eggs and hot sauce. Mac n' cheese and hot sauce. Or, just hot sauce. (Awkward: coworkers walking into my office as I am downing a plain packet of Del Scorcho... on multiple occasions)

Based on these cravings, I am not entirely convinced this child is mine. I have always had a hard time feeling comfortable around babies. People say it's different when it's your own, but I have no idea if I can count on all those motherly hormones to endear me to this child. However, I do love burritos. This is a fact. Like babies, they sometimes smell like cheese, produce lots of gas, and leak their contents all over your hands. Yet they are still amazing and leave you satisfied with life. For these reasons we have decided to name this child Burrito. Because really, how could I not love something named Burrito? Problem solved. So now the real question...

 Do you think Burrito will be a boy or girl?

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Check it out

I have been lazy but lots of fun stuff been happening around here in the last few months.
  • Spring is heeeeeere. I could NOT be more thrilled. 
  • I started a new job in February working for child protective services. I love it. Seriously, my favorite job so far in life.
  • Joseph got a paid internship in Tucson over the summer. (ye$$$, $o happy about thi$) Obviously, since I JUST started a new job I won't be able to go with him :( but we will make it work with frequent trips back and forth. And, although I'm not shallow, I'm $ure $omething will $often the blow of our $eparation. 
  • Joseph survived his first year of law school. Nay, excelled. He was also the runner up in the moot court competition. Translation: he won an award for being such a smooooth talker. No surprises there.
  • And last but not least... I'm starting to get fat so it's time to spill the beans:

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Here was our dinner. Because today is the cheesiest. This particular course was paired with IBC root beer in a wine glass... for a touch of class.

Unrelated: At what point in the year is it socially acceptable to give up on the idea of taking down your Christmas lights [outside] and instead just leave them up til next year?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Photographic evidence

Photographic evidence of the aforementioned phenomenon.
It is cooooold.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Winter wonderful

Holy moley, it's been over 2 months since I posted! I guess I've just been hunkered down, surviving this winter weather. I don't think my fingers and toes have been warm since October.

It's hard to keep a new year's resolution to "go running more" when it hasn't gotten above freezing (day or night) for about 4 weeks now. I just got back from a run that was 2 degrees outside. I could feel ice forming on my lower eyelashes and I saw my condensed sweat forming ice crystals on my sleeves and the backs of my gloves. I looked in the side-view mirror of our car when I got back and my eyelashes--upper and lower--were COVERED in ice crystals. Same with my eyebrows. And headband. It looked freaky! I thought people I ran by were giving me funny looks because I was running in the freezing cold, now I think it was because I looked like Jack Frost. I tried to run inside and grab my camera as fast as I could but, alas, it all melted immediately. I found this picture online of someone wearing white mascara:

This is what my eyes looked like, but crustier. Or, I guess, crystaly-er.

We had a fun Christmas/break. I should have taken more pictures of my DIY (aka poor person's) Christmas decorations. The only one I remembered to take was of the fireplace I made:

I made one like it my sophomore year of college too. Our friend's 5 year old daughter was VERY impressed that we created a way for santa to get into our house.

We went to Winslow for Christmas and, surprisingly, it actually snowed! I snapped lots of pictures of Josephs (plural)...
Here's Joseph holding baby Joey:

Here's Joseph as a baby himself:
And let's be honest, that's probably the cutest baby picture ever taken.

Here is a picture of Uncle Joe, holding baby Joey, next to Joseph:

So yeah, we had a happy Christmas. Also important to note that as of this week I am officially 25 years old! I had a great birthday and definitely feel wiser and more respectable, in case you were wondering.