Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Photographic evidence

Photographic evidence of the aforementioned phenomenon.
It is cooooold.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Winter wonderful

Holy moley, it's been over 2 months since I posted! I guess I've just been hunkered down, surviving this winter weather. I don't think my fingers and toes have been warm since October.

It's hard to keep a new year's resolution to "go running more" when it hasn't gotten above freezing (day or night) for about 4 weeks now. I just got back from a run that was 2 degrees outside. I could feel ice forming on my lower eyelashes and I saw my condensed sweat forming ice crystals on my sleeves and the backs of my gloves. I looked in the side-view mirror of our car when I got back and my eyelashes--upper and lower--were COVERED in ice crystals. Same with my eyebrows. And headband. It looked freaky! I thought people I ran by were giving me funny looks because I was running in the freezing cold, now I think it was because I looked like Jack Frost. I tried to run inside and grab my camera as fast as I could but, alas, it all melted immediately. I found this picture online of someone wearing white mascara:

This is what my eyes looked like, but crustier. Or, I guess, crystaly-er.

We had a fun Christmas/break. I should have taken more pictures of my DIY (aka poor person's) Christmas decorations. The only one I remembered to take was of the fireplace I made:

I made one like it my sophomore year of college too. Our friend's 5 year old daughter was VERY impressed that we created a way for santa to get into our house.

We went to Winslow for Christmas and, surprisingly, it actually snowed! I snapped lots of pictures of Josephs (plural)...
Here's Joseph holding baby Joey:

Here's Joseph as a baby himself:
And let's be honest, that's probably the cutest baby picture ever taken.

Here is a picture of Uncle Joe, holding baby Joey, next to Joseph:

So yeah, we had a happy Christmas. Also important to note that as of this week I am officially 25 years old! I had a great birthday and definitely feel wiser and more respectable, in case you were wondering.