Sunday, May 5, 2013

Check it out

I have been lazy but lots of fun stuff been happening around here in the last few months.
  • Spring is heeeeeere. I could NOT be more thrilled. 
  • I started a new job in February working for child protective services. I love it. Seriously, my favorite job so far in life.
  • Joseph got a paid internship in Tucson over the summer. (ye$$$, $o happy about thi$) Obviously, since I JUST started a new job I won't be able to go with him :( but we will make it work with frequent trips back and forth. And, although I'm not shallow, I'm $ure $omething will $often the blow of our $eparation. 
  • Joseph survived his first year of law school. Nay, excelled. He was also the runner up in the moot court competition. Translation: he won an award for being such a smooooth talker. No surprises there.
  • And last but not least... I'm starting to get fat so it's time to spill the beans:


Kami said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Paige you scoundrel! First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Holy cow I'm so super excited for you guys!! How far along are you? What's your due date? Details please! Yay Yay Yay! Second of all, you got my hopes up about getting to see lots of you this summer. :( Will you be making any trips to Tucson? We will be up in Utah for Adam's brother's sealing in August so I hope we can see lots of each other this summer! I need to call you. Or you call me. Whichever comes first! Miss you!!!

allisontucker said...

FINA-FREAKING-LLY. Hurry up and find out the sex so I can buy him/HER pink things regardless. :)

And, there goes my guess.

janae said...

Him+you=one adorablicious baby

The $ thing made me laugh SO HARD!!

Brian and Catherine said...

PAGINA! CONGRAT$! haha. Love this post!!!! I knew there was a reason I kept having inklings(is that a word?) to call you!!! I want to hear about it! :)

JandA said...


Aubrey said...

IT IS ABOUT TIME! Glad I didn't have to out you Ü.
P.$. You are $o hilariou$.
P.P.S How have I not seen that picture of you?!?! You do look like Roslynn! (or, I guess, she looks like you).

Jess said...

WAHOOOO!!!! Baby Paige/ that's what I call a good idea!!! Love you!