Thursday, May 9, 2013

I am pregnant.

That's right. I am a sacred vessel bringing a precious life into this world. Said precious life is actually almost half-way cooked (Mother's Day will be the official hump-day: 20 weeks). May 14th is the big day when we find out whether we're having a Joseph Jr. or a Josephine. So far this pregnancy has been really really easy on me. If this is how it'll always be Joseph just might get his wish to have 15 kids. Maybe.

19 weeks

Aside from the gradual inflation of a spare tire in my mid-section, the main symptom of my pregnancy has been cravings. Folks, these things are real. For the first few weeks I just wanted hamburgers. Juicy, meat-y hamburgers. For the next 3 months all I wanted was produce: salad, cucumbers, apples, sun-dried tomatoes. Chocolate? Taco Bell? No thanks. Please pass the bell peppers and hummus. I have never eaten so healthy in my entire life. I know it's not a bad thing, it's just totally weird. [I should note: eating a pure veggie/health-freak diet did not stop me from gaining a few tons the first trimester, what's up with that?] Most recently I just eat scrambled eggs and hot sauce. Mac n' cheese and hot sauce. Or, just hot sauce. (Awkward: coworkers walking into my office as I am downing a plain packet of Del Scorcho... on multiple occasions)

Based on these cravings, I am not entirely convinced this child is mine. I have always had a hard time feeling comfortable around babies. People say it's different when it's your own, but I have no idea if I can count on all those motherly hormones to endear me to this child. However, I do love burritos. This is a fact. Like babies, they sometimes smell like cheese, produce lots of gas, and leak their contents all over your hands. Yet they are still amazing and leave you satisfied with life. For these reasons we have decided to name this child Burrito. Because really, how could I not love something named Burrito? Problem solved. So now the real question...

 Do you think Burrito will be a boy or girl?


Kell Bjorn said...

I vote: girl. Mainly because we have the same wedding day as you guys and we had a girl first. So done deal. Burrito is a fantastic name for a girl. Can her middle name be Muscletruck?

Aubrey said...

So very gorgeous. I voted girl too...because the Chinese birth calendar has never steered me wrong!
Glad (and slightly jealous) that you are not sick.

Ciacci said...

Love this, and love YOU! So happy...please post when you know the gender.

I'm totally biased, but I vote boy.

-chai- said...

Congrats, Paige! This is such great news.
I'll admit I've felt much the same as you around babies, but after working in day cares and preschools the past couple years and coming to think of many of them as "my" kids, I can say they really do grow on you, poop and snot and drool aside. :)

And seeing the picture you posted on your previous entry, I thought of the face-morphing website where you can see what your baby will (maybe kinda sorta) look like:

(PS- I had to look up "lithopedion", and that's pretty horrifying..) D:

Colton said...

A boy, doy. What kind of girl fetus wants her mom to eat hamburgers the entire first trimester?

In other news, CONGRATULATIONS! Also, 16 kids? Geez, Joseph.

Anonymous said...

You are so cute.

janae said...

I've decided that with a nickname like burrito, it just has to be a boy. I mean, as a boy having burrito as a nickname is cool. But as girl called burrito, even if only in utero, is just awful. :)